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Why Franchising Veteran Jason Markowicz Is Betting on the Service Industry

The Fit For You Franchising founder discusses how the pandemic created a growing consumer demand for home services, as well as the various benefits to franchising with concepts such as The Carpet Chemist.

As vaccination rates pick up and the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, many experts predict the service industry is set for a massive rebound in the U.S. Fit For You Franchising, the franchisee-first franchisor and franchisee consultancy run by franchise industry veteran Jason Markowicz, operates primarily in the service industry and offers guidance for future franchisees on finding the best fit for their personal and financial goals. Now, Markowicz is excited about what the future holds for the burgeoning service industry.

Why the Service Industry Is Booming

As a franchise consultant, Markowicz says he sees more and more people being drawn to service brands right now — and for good reason. Specifically, Markowicz points to the home services sector as one with opportunities for growth.

“Last year, with the pandemic, a lot of service-based businesses, especially home-based ones, saw record year-over-year sales,” said Markowicz. “People were cooped up in their homes and had saved a lot of money on travel. Whether it be carpet cleaning, handyman services, gutter cleaning or anything else, people will always be looking to maintain their homes and now have extra income to spend.” 

As more people stayed at home and prioritized renovation projects, the home services industry has grown to a staggering $506 billion-dollar market in the United States, with $61.9 billion in home maintenance spending, according to a report completed by Home Advisor.

Now, as the pandemic ends, Markowicz says the rest of the service industry — fitness, beauty, health and wellness — is also seeing significant pent up demand. Looking ahead, Markowicz predicts the services space will continue to flourish. 

The Advantages To Franchising With Home Services Concepts

In addition to the opportunity to tap into an unprecedented consumer demand, Markowicz notes there are several other advantages to franchising with service brands right now.  

“For many home services brands in particular, the cost of entry is very reasonable compared to brick-and-mortar concepts,” Markowicz said. “The operational overhead is also considerably lower. The businesses require one or two key employees, which allows owners to scale the business quicker and make it more profitable.”

These advantages position franchisees for success and explain why more and more entrepreneurs looking to leave corporate America and start their own business are choosing home services concepts.

Why The Carpet Chemist Stands Out in the Booming Segment

Markowicz points to the emerging carpet cleaning franchise, The Carpet Chemist, as one such example of a brand that allows franchisees to tap into the growing demand for home services while benefiting from several unique advantages. The Carpet Chemist is designed to maximize profitability for its franchise owners by offering an array of effective carpet cleaning services that meet a variety of homeowners’ needs. 

Through a streamlined operational model and robust support infrastructure, Markowicz says The Carpet Chemist franchise owners are equipped with everything they need to start growing their businesses quickly, effectively and for the fraction of a cost of most other businesses. The initial investment to open a The Carpet Chemist franchise ranges from $77,000 to $109,000, which includes the leasing of a van and the initial $25,000 franchise fee. And because no office space is required — which can often cost small business owners up to $1,000 per employee every month — franchise owners maintain little ongoing overhead costs.

The gross revenue for The Carpet Chemist’s company-owned outlet was $159,025 in 2019 and $217,474 in 2020. Individual results may differ from franchisee to franchisee, but most franchisees are expected to recoup their investment and turn a profit within their first year in business. 

“With a wide selection of territories available, a strong track record of profitability, training systems in place and a scalable business model, we are very excited about the future of The Carpet Chemist brand,” said Markowicz. “Now, as the home services industry proves to be uniquely well-positioned for the future, we are proud to help entrepreneurs reach their full career potential through franchise ownership.” 

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