Forbes: What a Marketer Can Learn From a Pretzel
Forbes: What a Marketer Can Learn From a Pretzel

What can you learn about the business world from pretzels? Keep reading and find out.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, columnist Scott Olenski realized that he oftentimes took some of Philly’s mainstays for granted; things like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Philly soft pretzel.

The Philly-style pretzel is an iconic culinary delight, so he spoke with leaders of the nation’s largest and most successful Philly-style pretzel franchise.

Discussing advice for budding entrepreneurs, Dan DiZio, CEO of Philly Pretzel Factory, shared some very frank advice.

“Be prepared to work hard,” DiZio told Forbes.“There is a big difference between working at a job and owning your own business. The rewards of opening your own business can be great but you have to be willing to sacrifice in the beginning to get your business off the ground and making money.”

Marty Ferriill, President of Philly Pretzel Factory, learned several lessons over the years that can benefit any new franchisor.

“The biggest misstep a franchisor can take is from a franchise level is trying to be too broad with your brand advertising and marketing when you are trying to get people to come to the stores,” Ferrill told Forbes.

As the brand continues to grow—with sights on 500 locations across the country—Tom Monaghan, the brand’s CDO, discussed how Philly Pretzel Factory intends to meet its expansion efforts.

“We will achieve this goal by significantly ramping up our system and process to recruit really good franchise partners across the country.”

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