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Former Football Scout Tackles New Role as Workout Anytime Fitness Franchise General Manager

Former college football player and recruiter starts his entrepreneurial journey as his local gym’s new general manager, combining his passion for fitness with his goals for career progression.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSORED 8:08AM 06/22/24

Gary Wortham Jr. has always been massively involved in sports. He played college football at James Madison University, coached high school football, created a nonprofit dedicated to helping student athletes improve and he worked as a football recruiting specialist for the University of Maryland. 

Wortham’s passion for all things fitness still remains, but he has decided to chase a new passion, as well. He is starting a new role as the general manager of Workout Anytime in Dumfries, Virginia. 

Workout Anytime is providing a platform for Wortham’s personal and professional growth, aligning with his commitment to health and community building. He is excited to continue on his own fitness journey, which started with a 115 pound weight loss in the past two years, while creating a welcoming environment for others to do the same. He also looks forward to the entrepreneurial opportunities that lie ahead with Workout Anytime.

"Everything from here aligns with the goals I have set for myself," he said.

1851 Franchise spoke with Wortham about his journey as general manager of Workout Anytime and his experience with the brand.

1851 Franchise: Frame your personal story for us. What did you do before working with Workout Anytime and how did you become the general manager for this location?

Gary Wortham Jr.: I'm coming from a sports world of high school football recruiting. After I graduated from James Madison University, where I played football, I ended up creating a nonprofit and partnered with the Boys and Girls club locally here in Woodbridge[, Virginia]. During that time, we would host student athlete development sessions on the weekends for youth in the community. 

From there, I started coaching high school football at Woodbridge Senior High School. I was able to work with different brands through different events for high school football recruiting, and then I transitioned from that to working with a startup out of Richmond, Virginia, called SEQL. We were a recruiting platform for student athletes.

After that, I went to a company called Zybek Sports. I love this company; they are the technology provider for the NFL scouting combine. They created the laser timing systems for the 40 yard dash. Working with them led me to my last stop before this, which was a role as a recruiting specialist for the football program at the University of Maryland.

So, that’s my journey so far, and it led me to Workout Anytime. I have a seven-year-old daughter who's in the first grade, so I am finding a way to transition myself for life after sports, as a lot of athletes have to do. Workout Anytime is right in my community and this is a great opportunity to  pivot into the world of entrepreneurship. 

I also love that I am able to provide my daughter with a new lens for what she'll see in the world without it being about the things I went through as a student athlete. She's interested in everything but sports. She loves STEM programs. She loves technology and creativity. She definitely has that business mindset; she’s already planning her lemonade stand for this summer. 

1851: What do you love most about Workout Anytime? 

Wortham: I really love how the brand has been able to provide a welcoming environment. I am on a fitness journey myself; I was about 360 pounds two years ago, and I'm currently 245. This transition not only allows me to be a part of their brand, but also embody the mission and core values that they're bringing to local communities. I'm going to contribute to the creation of this welcoming environment because that is something I am searching for myself. I’m glad to be able to serve and keep that atmosphere consistent everyday for local members.

1851: What do you hope to achieve in your role with your business? 

Wortham: This location and another are owned by the same franchisees, so I am looking forward to interacting between the two locations with the other general manager and gaining a better understanding of multi-unit franchise growth. 

With the business being in my hometown and where I graduated from, it allows me to see my existing growth and position myself in a way to see my potential to rise within this system. 

1851: What is the one thing about your story you want us to know? 

Wortham: Everything from here aligns with the goals I have set for myself — from getting healthier to learning within the brand from a professional landscape and for a healthier lifestyle.


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