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Fran X | Does Money Sell More Franchises?

If you're going to spend more money, make sure you focus on the right brand assets.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
Updated 1:13PM 08/13/21

The Next McDonald's (Big Idea)

Achieving Franchise Sales Escape Velocity

If you were about to launch a rocket into space, one of the things that you would be obsessed with is preparing your rockets and propulsion systems to achieve its exit velocity. Exit velocity is the speed that every object whether a rocket, satellite, or baseball needs to achieve to escape the gravitational pull of the earth and enter space.

To achieve escape velocity into space and beyond earth’s gravitational pull you must achieve an acceleration rate of 25,000 miles per hour …

Imagine all of the energy and fuel that’s used to break through gravitational forces and enter space. Once you get there you become weightless and propulsion becomes effortless.

Imagine all of the wasted energy and fuel that you’d use on a poorly designed rocket that gets you almost there a rocket that manages to achieve 99% of the necessary escape velocity … but misses out on the last 1% (25,000 MPH).

It falls back to earth. A failed mission at the same exact cost of the successfully launched rocket that now effortlessly travels through space.

We’re sure you see this obvious analogy coming ... but it’s so important!

If you haven’t built the right brand assets story, validation, unit level economics, why you / why now, team values, broker relations, sales processes then you’ll stay stock within the franchise sales gravitational forces that create frustration, waste dollars, and leave teams left talking about cost per lead.

Meanwhile … you know the brands that have achieved escape velocity already and … everything seems easy for them.

In our Bottom Thoughts, we’ve given you a $250K sales budget ... before you spend it, figure out the escape velocity needed for your brand.

News You Can (Actually) Use

Killer Brands

The Front Door Collective - A NextGen upstart competitor to FedEx and UPS, The Front Door Collective allows franchisees to tap into the e-commerce delivery boom and shifting technology and social trends that make last mile home delivery services critical. Franchisees provide “last-mile” shipping and delivery services to consumers from e-commerce and big box retailers like Amazon and Walmart. The value for franchisees? A growing network of Front Door Collective franchisee, master agreements with retailers, and an estimated start-up expenses under $100K.

Franchisees Kicking Ass: The Franchisee Is King

The Great Franchisees: Steve and Nicky Darwin, Hounds Town USA, Michigan

The husband-and-wife team left their corporate careers to open their own business with the fast-growing doggie daycare franchise.

Married couple Steve and Nicky Darwin are taking their love for dogs to a whole new level. The husband-and-wife duo have left their careers in corporate finance and nursing, respectively, to open up their own business with Hounds Town USA*, the 10-plus-unit doggie daycare franchise.

The couple originally set out to open a restaurant franchise, but when COVID-19 hit, they changed gears. Once they came across Hounds Town, they say everything fell into place quickly. Now, the Darwins are preparing to open three Hounds Town units throughout Michigan.


Yo Broker, Sell My Franchise

Top Franchise Brokers: Blake Martin, FranNet

Experienced franchise owner and franchisor Blake Martin is helping entrepreneurs from Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin achieve their business dreams.

As a franchise owner and former franchisor with over 20 years of experience, Blake Martin is well equipped to help aspiring entrepreneurs in Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin achieve their dreams of business ownership. Martin currently owns FranNet of the Heartland and is based in Omaha, Nebraska where he advises aspiring small business entrepreneurs as well as those looking for additional businesses to find the right investment opportunities.

“I live in the shoes of the folks that come to me for assistance,” said Martin. “I’m a local franchise owner myself, and prior to that, I was a franchisor. So, if nothing else, I can provide guidance to folks based on what it looks like to be in this industry.”

While Martin finds success in helping others achieve their financial goals, his satisfaction as a franchise consultant runs much deeper: “My idea of success is helping somebody start a business that helps them achieve their goal. Not just financial goals, but helping them be more present with their family, having the flexibility to do the things they weren’t able to do before, etc. When somebody comes up to me and says, ‘Remember when you introduced me to that business? Now I have more time with my kids,’ that’s the ultimate compliment.”

Watch the full interview by clicking here to watch it on YouTube.

Martin services the Bellevue, Council Bluffs, Des Moines, Fremont, Grand Island, Lincoln, Omaha, Scottsbluff, Sioux City and the surrounding Nebraska and Western Iowa areas. For more information about Martin’s services or to contact him directly, visit:

The Bottom Thoughts

What if you were to say screw it and take a ton of money and put it into frandev. Would that drive more leads and deals? Could you take those funds today and create immediate actions?

Kind of.

Let’s start with what money won’t solve a bad franchise (for the most part). If the franchisees don’t validate and don’t make money, you are still playing from behind.

What money can solve is the snowball effect where enough traffic tips over and leads are created.

Now, in today’s franchising world, leads take time to mature. So, if you are going to spend more money, it has to be super focused on those already looking at franchising, just haven’t figured out the right one for them (a little more down the funnel).

So, can money buy you franchise deals? Totally. But deploying properly is a critical focus one with messaging being equally important.