Franchise Legal Player Awards | Q&A with David Koch
Franchise Legal Player Awards | Q&A with David Koch

1851 Interviews the Highest Profile Attorneys in Franchising

Name: David Koch

Firm: Plave Koch


About Plave Koch: Plave Koch is an entrepreneurial law firm that represents franchisors and distributors in U.S. and international transactions, litigation and disputes. Working closer than ever with its clients, at reasonable and predictable rates, the lawyers are having the time of their lives. The firm has practices in franchise and distribution law, vehicle rental law, trademarks, litigation and dispute resolution, FTC matters and technology.



1851: How did you fall into franchising?

Koch: I came out of the government as an antitrust lawyer and joined a firm that needed antitrust counseling to support its franchise practice. How times have changed!

1851: What do you love most about franchising?

Koch: The variety of the work – all different kinds of businesses, all different kinds of issues, all different stages of maturity and all of the international work. It never gets stale.

1851: What makes a great client?

Koch: Trust – that your advice will be solid, that you are looking out for their best interests, and that your billing will be fair.

1851: What makes a great franchise attorney?

Koch: That’s for the clients to answer. In my view, it’s someone who fully understands the relationship aspects of franchising and uses that understanding to balance business and legal considerations and to manage risk.