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Franchise Times: Dueling Surveys Blast, Praise Trump's Labor Nominee Puzder

IFA defends Puzder after negative headlines in the media.

Andy Puzder, president-elect Trump’s nominee for secretary of labor, got caught in a media firestorm this week when a damning survey conducted on Facebook led to negative headlines. The IFA, for which Puzder is a board member, immediately responded with a survey of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s employees, which are both operated by CKE, (for which Puzder is the CEO).

The Facebook survey conducted by ROC (Restaurant Opportunities Centers United) was problematic, considering anyone could take it (and multiple times), as IFA’s Matt Haller pointed out. The IFA’s survey, on the other hand, was conducted via The EMployment Policies Institute, which is led by an independent research firm. The results of the IFA-conducted survey painted a much better picture of Puzder.

“It’s being done to smear Andy’s reputation and stop his nomination,” Haller said of the ROC conducted survey and resulting negative headlines. “We’re in this by proxy, so we may as well engage and think about where the ball is going to bounce, rather than just sit back and take it.”

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