Franchisees Who Give Back: Jessica Fredieu of Mosquito Joe
Franchisees Who Give Back: Jessica Fredieu of Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe franchisee Jessica Fredieu explains what giving back means to her as a business owner in the same community she calls home.

Since opening their first location earlier this year in southern Louisiana, father-daughter duo Michael Ford and Jessica Fredieu have wasted no time in putting their personal touch on giving back to their local community through their Mosquito Joe business. Just recently, Jessica and her father held a contest on their Facebook page giving away three free yard sprays for local veterans and active duty families in honor of their sacrifice and service.

To learn more about these ongoing efforts, 1851 spoke with Jessica about that recent giveaway as well as what community service means to them as business owners in the same community they call home.

1851: How important is it to give back to your local community as it relates to growing your business?

Fredieu: It is very important to give back to our community because without them, we would not be where we are today. Local businesses thrive when they have healthy relationships within the community!

1851: What local or charitable outreach efforts have you made in order to connect with your local community?

Fredieu: We recently ran a Facebook contest for local veterans and active duty families to receive three free mosquito treatments as a thank you for their unwavering sacrifice for our country.

1851: What are your top ideas or tips to market your local business?

Fredieu: Be visible. Getting involved in networking groups and meeting other business owners in the area can build substantial relationships that will help you grow as an individual and a company.

1851: How effective are charitable efforts in growing your business?

Fredieu: Very effective! It shows true character if a business is making efforts to help others, especially since they have the platform to do so.

1851: What advice would you give to other franchisees who are just starting their businesses to best set themselves up for success on the local level?

Fredieu: Network. Network. Network. Get out there and meet people! Each person you come in contact with could be a vital connection and evangelist for your product or service. Make every relationship count!