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Franchises You Can Open And Still Keep Your Job

Semi-absentee franchises allow you to open a franchise without giving up your day job, letting you balance both without giving one up for the other.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
9:09AM 03/04/24

For many individuals with full-time jobs or other business commitments, the idea of running a franchise on a day-to-day basis seems downright impossible. However, through semi-absentee franchise ownership, entrepreneurs can dip their toes into the world of franchising without sacrificing their existing careers or personal pursuits.

Contrary to popular belief, semi-absentee franchise ownership does not equate to running a full-time business on a part-time basis. Instead, it offers a middle ground where individuals can own and operate a franchise without the necessity of being physically present at the location every day. This model allows franchisees to maintain their current business operations or dedicate more time to personal endeavors while still reaping the benefits of franchise ownership.

So, how does it work?

Semi-absentee franchise ownership involves entrusting the day-to-day operations of the franchise to capable managers that are hired and trained by the owner. These managers are responsible for tasks such as hiring and overseeing staff, ensuring top-notch customer service, and managing the operational aspects of the business. The key is to select trustworthy and skilled individuals who can efficiently run the franchise in the owner’s absence; this allows the owner to focus on executive duties and other responsibilities.

Typically, semi-absentee owners dedicate around 10 to 15 hours per week to their franchise responsibilities. This time is often spent managing finances, strategizing for growth, and maintaining communication with the franchisor. The flexibility of this model enables individuals to tailor their level of involvement according to their existing commitments.

Other Benefits of Semi-Absentee Models

In addition to maintaining your day job, the benefits of semi-absentee franchise ownership include: 

Extra Income and Investment Diversification: Semi-absentee ownership enables individuals to earn additional income from their franchise while diversifying their investment portfolio. It's a strategic way to build wealth and explore new business opportunities without fully committing to a traditional franchise model.

Support in Retirement: For many investors, semi-absentee franchise ownership serves as a means to support themselves during retirement. By investing in a business that doesn't demand excessive time commitments, retirees can enjoy the benefits of ownership while embracing a more leisurely lifestyle.

Scalability and Growth: Investing in semi-absentee franchises allows for scalability and expansion. Owners can explore multiple territories and increase revenue without being tethered to the day-to-day operations, providing an avenue for substantial growth potential.

Brands Offering Semi Absentee Opportunities

There’s no shortage of brands offering these types of opportunities. Here are three examples: 

Mosquito Hunters*

  • Investment Range: $99,783-$116,783
  • Unit Count: 100+

Footprints Floors*

  • Investment Range: $78,505-$113,030
  • Unit Count: 160+

Koala Insulation

  • Investment Range: $182,558-$210,507
  • Unit Count: 380+

Semi-absentee franchise ownership offers a pragmatic approach to entrepreneurship, providing individuals with the opportunity to enjoy the perks of franchise ownership without the overwhelming time commitment. By leveraging capable managers and maintaining a flexible level of involvement, franchisees can strike a balance between their professional, personal, and entrepreneurial pursuits. 

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