GazetteXtra: Toppers aims for top of national pizza market
GazetteXtra: Toppers aims for top of national pizza market

Watch out big boys: Toppers Pizza franchise is looking to open 700 Stores by 2025.

Toppers Pizza has seen incredible success of late, especially in its home state of Wisconsin, where the brand essentially sold out of room to expand. Toppers now sees itself in the midst of a major national expansion with plans to soon take on the big national pizza chains.

In a recent interview with Neil Johnson of the Janesville GazetteXtra, Toppers President Scott Gittrich and Director of Franchise Development Mark Cairns discussed how the brand’s daring and creative take on pizza has set it up for big-time success both locally and nationwide.

The article states that Toppers is looking to hit 700 stores by 2025, and plans to achieve that goal by targeting multi-unit franchisees and groups.

On the brand’s commitment to the Toppers way, Gittrich was quoted as saying: “We're still doing what we've always done. Topping off pizza the way people want it, not going with the boring, chain-pizza stuff that people are just stuck with.”

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