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Green Home Builders Sets Its Sights on Texas for Continued Growth

Texas’ warm weather and ample land make it an ideal location for the green-minded franchise to further expand its reach.

By Sarah Baumann1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 11:23PM 08/24/20

Spurred by an increased consumer interest in buying eco-friendly home properties, the real estate industry has become increasingly more sustainable and green-minded in the past decade. Many states in the U.S., however, have relatively dry markets when it comes to sustainable building. That’s why, when they were unable to find the green housing they initially sought in the Fort Worth area, Catherine and Jonathan Gallo decided to address this demand by franchising with Green Home Builders.

The Gallos have spent the majority of their lives in Texas, and their interest in sustainability informed their search for their first home. After some research, they found that there were not any homes that met their needs and that the amount it would cost to make green-minded adjustments to a home was exponentially more than if they were to build their own home. As the Gallos continued their search for a sustainable developer, they discovered Australian-based Green Home Builders and loved what they found.

“We looked at so many homes,” said Jonathan, “and there were so many things not meeting our needs: The sun wasn’t hitting the windows properly to bring in maximum lighting, the mechanics of the house didn’t make sense. We stayed committed to our search and eventually we looked at Green Home Builders. We loved the efficiencies they offered, like water and electricity usage,  and long-term savings that we would see with these applications. There was substantial payback for us with Green Home Builders, and we wanted to take advantage of those benefits.”

The only problem with using Green Home Builders to build their dream home, however, was that they did not have a location in Texas. After discussing the business model with a representative in New York, however, the couple saw an opportunity to bring the much-needed service to Fort Worth. The more they learned about the company’s offerings, the more they saw themselves partnering with Green Home Builders. The couple eventually brought a business proposition to Catherine’s twin sister and her husband, Nancy and Peter Mbugua. What started out as a search to build a new home swiftly turned into a family-owned and operated business.

“After doing the research, we fell in love with the plans and efficiency of the entire business,” said Catherine. “We did some comparisons with other business models, but the others were not as established and proficient in their services. Green Home Builders really presented the best bang for your buck — they’re different and efficient. They have an advanced way of building their model, and we knew investing would be a lucrative move.”

Jonathan and Peter are mechanical and electrical engineers, respectively; to say they know a lot about what an efficient, green home should look like is an understatement. The value they saw in bringing the business to Texas went far beyond filling a gap in the real estate market; the business partners described bringing a healthier lifestyle to Texans and designing a higher-quality home for Texas families to live in.

“We want all the people in our community to enjoy coming home to a well-designed home,” said Peter. “We want to show that our plans have been well thought out, promote healthy living, conserve water and electricity in an economically efficient way, and demonstrate why it is so important to live sustainably. We don’t want our clients to feel like they have to settle for a home at any price; our homes will last a long time and are built to live in for the long haul.”

Green Home Builders’ business development consultant, Jason August of North Star Synergies Inc., described the significance of expanding in the Lone Star State. From a strategic growth perspective, Texas is an ideal state in which to grow the Green Home Builders business. There is ample land to build on and promote sustainable housing in the state’s many wide-open spaces — the same cannot be said in other states. Texas’ warm climate also makes it an ideal spot to spread green housing practices: The demand for year-round cooling within Texas homes requires better energy efficiency. Further, water conservation is critical in the state. 

“Green Home Builders brings technologies to the building environment that are also helpful in Texas,” said August. “These services are healthier, not just green, but healthier in terms of mold, mildew, and moisture resistance, enabling better rebuilding as areas like Houston, where there is flooding — there is more of a need for newer, greener technologies when areas get rebuilt. In addition to these considerations, there is a growing population in the region — a population that is increasingly realizing the importance of living in a more green, sustainable and healthy way.”

The Green Home Builders’ brand is built on a standard that ensures homes are built for energy efficiency but are flexible in terms of what materials are used to better accommodate local needs and availability. Their model permits that flexibility so that Green Home Builders’ owners and customers can support other local businesses. 

“This is particularly important in Texas, which has a lot of local materials that can be used for construction,” said August. “Texas is known as a place in the U.S. that is great for startups; it’s an environment that encourages small businesses to support each other, and that ability to buy materials from fellow small business owners is actually very critical to spreading word of our business locally.”

For the Galloses and the Mbuguas, starting out as the sole Green Home Builders in Texas is a great opportunity to build a thriving business in their region, as well as to expand into other markets throughout the state. “Honestly, we already love the model so much that we can already see ourselves expanding beyond Fort Worth,” said Nancy. “The notion of helping others to feel confident in their decision to live more sustainably is what is motivating us to grow.”

For more information about Green Home Builders, check out their website.

For more information about Green Home Builders, check out their website.