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Cary Citizen: Environmentally-Minded Business Opens First Triangle Location in Cary

Air quality experts from Green Home Solutions share the hazards of mold and what to do when you find it in your home.

With mold being fairly common in Cary, NC, it's important for consumers to be educated on the safest way to remove the hazardous substance. The Cary Citizen caught up with mold-removal experts at Green Home Solutions to learn about the environmentally friendly ways the franchise uses to remove mold in homes and businesses. 

CEO Jeff Panella shared, “We use a natural enzyme product to remediate mold and it’s environmentally friendly. We can also use a peroxide-based product to kill bad bacteria such as [staphylococcus] and then we can reset the home with probiotics.”

Panella referenced the 23,000 searches per month on mold removal and referenced the ways that consumers can avoid getting mold in their home including looking for water intrusion and avoiding self-treatment. It's important to call exerts such as Green Home Solutions to remove mold in a safe manner. 

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