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Home Healthcare News: Home Care Costs Continue To Increase

Steven Turner, Chief Operating Officer of Griswold Home Care, discusses the contributing factors that caused the company to raise their prices.

By Nikki Crosthwaite1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 03/24/22

In order to keep pace with the labor market, as well as other contributing factors, home care providers across the country have had to increase the cost of their services. Providers such as  Griswold Home Care are now concerned that raising prices could affect client demand.

“We’ve been forced to raise rates because we’re forced to pay materially more in some markets,” said Steven Turner, COO of Griswold Home Care.

The biggest contributing factor in home care cost increases is staffing shortages. Providers are struggling to meet the greater demand for care services and the supply of workers isn’t enough. Across home care, this has resulted in providers raising caregiver wages to attract and retain workers.

Griswold Home Care provides personal care services across 200 locations in 30 states. The franchise has seven corporate-owned offices and also offers hospice care at some of its locations, plus an array of other services aimed at enabling aging in place.

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