Deseret News: Here's why a Utahn retired — all to work again
Deseret News: Here's why a Utahn retired — all to work again

From an engineer to a Hand & Stone franchisee, Pat Burton found his passion at 60.

At 60 years old, Pat Burton did the opposite of what most men would do, he retired and started right back up again. Instead of becoming a bored retiree, Burton, a former engineer, found a new passion in Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. Deseret News caught up with Burton as he shared his path from waiting for work be over to finding fulfillment in running his own business. 

“I don’t set my alarm anymore,” Burton said. “I don’t have to get up, I want to get up. I’m not constantly looking at the clock. I feel younger.” And since opening for business, he’s felt his worry lessen considerably. “Now my attitude is, ‘This is going to work,’” he says, as opposed to fearing that it would not.

And Burton hasn't looked back since making the move to Hand & Stone saying  “I really don’t plan to ever stop. As long as I’m healthy and I can do something, I’m going to keep doing it. But if I want to take off a little earlier in the afternoon, or take a day off now and then, I want to be able to do that, too.”

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