Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa Says Luxury Spa Experiences Shouldn’t Just Be Available to the Elite
Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa Says Luxury Spa Experiences Shouldn’t Just Be Available to the Elite

The spa franchise specializes affordably prices and top-quality massage, facial and hair removal services.

Many people associate facials and massages to a luxury they cannot afford—the soothing sounds of water and wafting aromas of comforting oils are seemingly unattainable. In 2005, physical therapist John Marco saw these divisions in the spa industry and took action. Marco created Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa, a brand that specializes in making the highest quality spa experience accessible to as many people as possible. And with monthly packages starting as low as $50-$70 it’s no wonder the brand has grown to over 400 spas in the U.S. and Canada.

“Hand & Stone goes above and beyond from what many competitors can offer,” shared Bob McQuillan, Vice President of Franchise Development at Hand & Stone. “We offer massages, facials, hair removal and we sell two full comprehensive lines of skin care products that are globally known. Our price point, beautiful, clean environment and dedicated professionals resonate with our core demographic.”

From the beginning, the spa franchise recognized that stress was a consistent part of everyone’s life, regardless of financial income. Their commitment to providing high-quality massage and facial services separated them from the competition and franchisees and customers took notice. As Hand & Stone began to grow, they knew they needed the right partners to make the franchise successful.

“We have a very sophisticated group of franchisees,” shared McQuillan, “We target people who have excelled in the field they’ve been in and that doesn’t necessarily mean health and wellness experts. Many times, our franchisees are burnt out from their corporate job and they want to try something new.”

Hand & Stone embraces these strong personalities and encourages them to make the concept their own. The strong system the spa franchise has in place is what draws people in, but the support and encouragement the franchisees receive once they sign on is what helps them find success.

McQuillan knows the support Hand & Stone is able to provide is unparalleled in the industry. “Our management team and staff have over 300 years of franchising experience. We have an in-house full-service advertising agency that supports all franchisees every step of the way,” he continued. “If a franchisee is getting ready for an opening, they have one specific person working on their business. Our agency supports all designs and organizes a complete media schedule. At the same time, we have a built-in consulting arm that focuses on purchasing, real estate and construction needs.”

The support continues long after a franchisee has opened a new location. The in-house ad agency representative stays with the franchisee during their entire time with Hand & Stone and provides ongoing marketing, PR and advertising support.

In addition to being a haven for relaxation in the community, Hand & Stone has an ongoing commitment to giving back that starts at the corporate level. From supporting causes like Habitat for Humanity and Blessings in Backpack, the spa franchise is no stranger to philanthropy. The corporate team also encourages their franchisees to participate in local charity events because feeling good and doing good go hand and hand.

Hand & Stone is the perfect franchise for corporate professionals interested in becoming part of a feel-good franchise committed to offering affordably priced, conveniently located, top-quality therapeutic massage, facial and hair removal services.

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