Hard Rock International Commits to Eco-Friendly Initiative
Hard Rock International Commits to Eco-Friendly Initiative

The brand will eliminate plastic straws at all global locations and transition to-go bags to paper

Hard Rock International has announced a commitment to eliminating plastic straws across all its locations across the globe. According to a recent release, the brand will make this initiative a reality this September. This is the first of several ‘save the planet’ projects that the brand plans to launch in the upcoming months. In addition to the straw removal, the brand is shifting all to-go bags to paper.

"One of Hard Rock's founding mottos is to 'Save the Planet', and this is only an extension of the commitment we made to do just that 47 years ago. Our vendors and partners have been and will continue to be instrumental in activating this endeavor across the globe, and we are proud to help make a difference in conscientious sustainability practices as a business - it's the right thing to do," said senior VP of purchasing, Tracy Bradford.

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