Here's a First Look at Facebook’s New Page Layout
Here's a First Look at Facebook’s New Page Layout

Facebook is changing its page layout—again. Here are the top five things you need to know.

Facebook is starting to roll out some new changes, and they are noticeably different. Here are the top 5 things you need to know:

1. Cover Photo Clarity

The size will remain the same, but the the new layout allows your cover photo to pop more than ever. All the buttons and page information have been removed from this section and placed either below or to the left hand side.

2. Profile Picture Shift

This image has shifted from beneath the cover photo to the top left of the page layout.

3. More Tabs to Share

Now ALL your tabs are visible - no more hiding under a drop down. In the new layout they are located on the left side underneath the profile picture.

4. CTA Button Enhanced

The call-to-action button has moved below the cover photo and become more visible because of the color change.

5. New Right Hand Panel

Most the items that were on the left hand side have now moved to a new right side column.

These changes give your business the opportunity to refresh your page creative and re-analyze the information you present in tabs to your fans. Not everyone has received this new page layout and there has been no word from Facebook yet on when the layout will officially roll out to all users.