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Hispanic Latino Franchise Leadership Council: How This New Group Will Create Opportunities for Minorities

The just-launched council, part of a diversity initiative created by the International Franchise Association, seeks to promote business ownership to minority populations.

The demographics of the United States have been drastically changing, with most of the population increase in the country attributed to minority groups. They often come for the “American Dream” of freedom and ample opportunity. 

recent NPR study found that over the last few years, Hispanic people contributed to over half of the country’s growth. And the trend of increased minority presence also extends to the workplace, with the International Franchise Association (IFA) reporting a 10% increase in Latino business ownership.

As demographics change, business models need to also adapt to allow these more diverse groups of people the opportunity for leadership. The IFA Foundation recently deployed a way to increase minority ownership in the franchise industry by creating the Hispanic Latino Franchise Leadership Council.

At the association’s Open for Opportunity roadshow in Florida last week, they announced the formation of the council and shared that Ericka Garza, president of Au Bon Pain, will be acting as council chairwoman. 

The first latina woman to lead the cafe and bakery, Garza has extensive experience in the franchising world, also previously working with Pizza Hut and 7-Eleven. She explained how the council will “provide invaluable resources” to aspiring franchisees. 

“Too often, the stories and successes of Hispanic small business owners go untold. Advocating on behalf of the Hispanic community is a passion of mine, so I am honored to be chairing this new council to promote our accomplishments and uplift the stories of the thousands of Hispanic franchise owners around the country.” 

The Hispanic Latino Franchise Leadership Council will promote franchise ownership opportunities within the community, with outreach and plenty of support resources. The council will provide information about how to start franchising to any interested parties and share stories of Hispanic franchisee successes to show that it’s an attainable dream. 

Census data shows that minorities own about 30% of all the nation’s franchises, and shows they experience more success compared to other independent business owners. Hispanic franchisees make more sales, pay employees better and have more enticing benefits, statistics show. 

There are a plethora of business opportunities with Hispanic or Latino focus. Some of the most popular franchises that minority groups invest in, according to Vetted Biz, include IPG Florida, ATAX, Estrella Insurance, ManCave for Men, and D.O.G. Hotels.