How Menchie’s Cuts Through the Frozen Yogurt Craze Clutter
How Menchie’s Cuts Through the Frozen Yogurt Craze Clutter

It takes more than just a really good product to get noticed in a crowded segment. That’s why Menchie’s focused on providing an unrivaled culture to stand out.

Frozen yogurt is dead! Frozen yogurt is so yesterday! Can frozen yogurt survive?

Lately, headlines on frozen yogurt have been relentless and bleak. But with more than 316 frozen yogurt brands throughout the United States, are those predictions true? If you take a look at a brand like Menchie’s, that answer would be a resounding “no.”

Founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Danna and Adam Caldwell, Menchie’s emerged from a common love of frozen yogurt. Their dream was to create a yogurt store where people from all walks of life and ages can enjoy themselves not only from great tasting, quality frozen yogurt, but from a unique experience in a fun and happy environment that makes every guest smile. The first store in Valley Village, California received overwhelming support, and fans from near and far wanted more of Menchie’s in their own neighborhoods. By 2008, the brand had decided to franchise. Today, in just eight short years, Menchie’s has more than 540 locations. By the end of 2016, they’re expecting to hit 600.

In the midst of stiff competition, Menchie’s has quickly risen to the top of the frozen yogurt pack. And according to the brand’s CEO, Amit Kleinberger, their competitive edge is simple—no other brand is as oriented to the American family as Menchie’s is. That’s why you’ll often hear Kleinberg speak readily of the brand’s culture and values more than he does of its operational details. And that focus on culture seems to be as important and strategic for Menchie’s success as a focus on the product itself.

“Menchie’s has a unique design. You cannot confuse yourself that you’re at any other place other than at Menchie’s when you walk into one of our stores, where everything is designed to trigger smiles,” Kleinberger told Franchise Chatter. “And if you make children smile, you can be sure they will tell their friends and beg their parents to bring them back over and over again.”

In other words, Kleinberger likes to make a distinction between the basic product and the way it’s delivered. For example, he points to Macy’s and Nordstrom—two stores that carry nearly identical merchandise. But it’s ultimately the high-end Nordstrom’s superior way of presenting its products and itself that distinguishes it from other department stores. Kleinberger believes that same holds true for Menchie’s and its frozen yogurt.

Menchie’s success comes from helping guests create memories in a family-friendly environment that is warm, welcoming, interactive and fun, providing guests with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating areas, family-friendly music, chalkboards for children to color on and party rooms for birthdays and other events. And as the only frozen yogurt store that provides toys and giveaways to children, Menchie’s has become a favorite destination for families.

“The way we give is different; the way you buy the product is different from other frozen yogurt companies,” . “Our mission to make every guest smile, commitment to supporting the local community, pioneering marketing programs, and best in class products have set us at the forefront of the frozen dessert industry. We simply believe in making the world a better place through smiles—it’s really the way you do something that makes it special.”