How One Franchisee Landed on Pretty in Paint Parties’ Business Ownership Opportunity
How One Franchisee Landed on Pretty in Paint Parties’ Business Ownership Opportunity

A strong support network, flexibility and affordability were critical components of Normonika Patrick’s decision to become a franchisee.

Choosing the right franchise brand is a huge step for any potential franchisee. The candidate  must determine which opportunity is best suited for his or her unique business needs and desires before deciding to make the investment. As part of the due diligence process, the individual is likely to consult with other franchisees, research the brand and thoroughly explore its online presence.

1851 connected with Normonika Patrick of Pretty in Paint Parties to learn more about her journey from prospective franchisee to committed member of the organization.

1851: What made you initially attracted to the brand?

Patrick: First, affordability. The initial franchise fee is much lower than most paint party franchises. An upfront brick and mortar studio investment is not required which results in low overhead.

Second, painting options. Pretty in Paint offers many painting options that other franchises don’t. In addition to canvas painting, customers have the option to paint tote bags and wooden door hangers with many shapes to choose from.

Third, partnerships. Pretty in Paint has partnerships with great charitable organizations which shows that they are all about giving back to the community which is something that was important to me.

1851: What parts of the brand made you decide to buy it?

Patrick: In addition to the PIP Products, the flexibility I would have drew me in. Having a good work/life balance was a big factor to me. The ongoing support that franchisees receive were great. Erica and Amelia have been so helpful from day one.

1851: When researching the brand, how important was the website in helping educate you about the opportunity?

Patrick: The information on the website was very helpful when I was researching the brand. Talking to (co-founders) Erica (Bridges) and Amelia (Courtney) and looking at PIP social media and reviews were also important to me when I was gathering general information about the brand.

1851: How did you perform due diligence on the brand?

Patrick: Before signing the agreement to become a PIP franchisee, I spoke to other paint party franchises. I looked over everything from social media and the franchise agreement. I wanted to be sure that whatever brand I signed an agreement with would work out best for me and my family, represent values that were important to me, and be enjoyable to manage.

Pretty in Paint seemed to be the brand that had all of those qualities and more so I decided to invest into the franchise and haven’t looked back since.

1851: How do you absorb content/media today?

Patrick: I mainly watch the news as well as read online sites and social media