How &pizza Owned Its Political Viral Moment
How &pizza Owned Its Political Viral Moment

The pizza chain’s CEO shares how his staff turned 15 minutes of fame into a delicious promotional opportunity.

When the internet sinks its talons into a conversation involving a brand, it’s up to the brand itself to leverage that viral moment to its advantage. Franchise brands should always be prepared to spin turns in the spotlight into marketing or franchise development opportunitiesbecause you never know when you could be meme’d.

Case in point: Michael Lastoria, CEO of Washington D.C.-based chain &pizza told
AdWeek how his team handled going viral this week. On Wednesday, a photo of a young man digging into a pizza in the hallway outside Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony blew up on Twitter, with the internet promptly deeming him “Pizza Intern.” The brand quickly recognized its distinctive packaging and unique pizza shape—another great lesson in branding—and got to work.

According to AdWeek, the brand got in touch with the man, jotted down his order and began advertising its recreated “Hallway Pizza” special the very next day. “The best guidance is no guidance,” Lastoria told AdWeek. “We realize it’s not just about jumping into a conversation to take advantage of a moment but finding the right way to do it.”

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