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How To Avoid Unlawful Termination Lawsuits

Improve staff retention with the SAFE method.

This week's video is about how to avoid unlawful termination and improve staff retention. By using the SAFE method, you can create an environment that promotes a clearly defined culture. By doing so, you can avoid having to fire employees.

The thing is, when your culture is well defined and your hiring processes are dialed in, it's less likely that you'll make the wrong hiring decisions. You’ll be able to find employees that will fit into your workplace environment.

However, if you do end up hiring someone who isn’t a good fit, there are things you can do to help with staff retention and to avoid being accused of unlawful termination.

The trick is to use the SAFE method. SAFE means having a constant stream of communication, holding people accountable, being fair and consistent, and focusing on engagement. If you do these things, any employee who’s unhappy with their role will probably leave on their own.

When you have good communication, your employees know what is expected of them at all times. This means that you can confidently maintain those expectations on a consistent basis.

By cultivating a workplace where employees are engaged regularly, there won’t be room for confusion. Your employees will know exactly what their role entails and thus they’ll realize whether or not they fit the job requirements.

By using SAFE, you can decrease misunderstandings that could lead to unlawful termination lawsuits. Moreover, with constant communication and engagement, expectations will be clear, thereby increasing staff retention.