In Memoriam: The 1851 Franchise FranBullet
In Memoriam: The 1851 Franchise FranBullet

Not even our newsletter could escape 2016’s cold, deadly grasp. Thankfully, there's something new on the horizon.

It is with our deepest regret and sorrow that we inform you that the Trash folder of your inbox has received the 1851 Franchise FranBullet for the very last time. Even though you never actually opened it—much less clicked on any of its content—we invite you to remember our failed friend.

Read by few, loved by fewer, the FranBullet made its debut earlier this year. Filled with content that went on for far too many scrolls, it highlighted the news making headlines both in the franchising industry and on 1851. But not even its loyal #FranchiseFriends could find the time to fit it into their busy schedules. So, we decided to pull the plug.

Thankfully, the FranBullet is survived by a younger and hotter version of itself: “The 8.” But we’re trading in the old version for a newer model—your favorite weekly web series now features laughter, a total run time that’s under 10 minutes and enough franchise puns to make you consider changing your career. And oh yeah, the top trending franchising stories of the week written in a way that will actually inspire you to read them.

As we head into the new year, it’s time to pour one out for the FranBullet while raising a glass to “The 8.” Here’s to hoping this is the first New Year’s resolution that actually lasts past January. We’ll see you again in 2017.

Now, enjoy this sneak peak of what the "The 8" has in store for 2017.