Inside Business Tucson: Veteran Finds Success With Security Business in Tucson
Inside Business Tucson: Veteran Finds Success With Security Business in Tucson

Signal 88 Security proves to be the perfect opportunity for business ownership for U.S. Navy Veteran

Derrick Dancy is a 20-year veteran of the United States Navy and after being honorably discharged, he moved from San Diego, Cal. to Tucson where he began college and opened Signal 88 Security in the city. Dancy has owned and operated the Tucson office since opening it in 2011.

According to Inside Tucson Business, Dancy first discovered the company when he was reading G.I. Jobs Magazine while deployed. Dancy knew that he wanted a post-Navy career but also did not want just an 'ordinary job.' In the Navy he was a quartermaster with a secondary duty of command officer in charge of security. The thought of running his own business and being able to use the skills he learned in the Navy was very enticing.

"When you do business with an owner who comes from the Military, it is different than doing so with a civilian-owned business," said Dancy. "I care more about the service I provide to my customers than I do the profit. I want to make sure my client is happy with the product of our service."

The rigorous standards and high expectations that the Military instills is something that Signal 88 Security CEO, Reed Nyffeler says he looks for when he is interviewing potential franchise owners.
"I saw [Dancy’s] drive and initiative, his willingness to learn a new industry and trade,” Nyffeler said. “He was willing to commit his time, energy and effort in growing his business. Experience is gained over time, but character isn’t necessarily changed over time."

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