Jersey Mike’s Franchisee Offers Insight to How a Brand’s Franchise Development Website Impacts the Due Diligence Process
Jersey Mike’s Franchisee Offers Insight to How a Brand’s Franchise Development Website Impacts the Due Diligence Process

Long Island Multi-Unit, Multi-Brand Franchise Owner Laura Maier Shares Why She Chose to Invest in One of The Fastest Growing Sandwich Brands

Long Island resident Laura Maier is a seasoned, multi-brand franchise owner, with several locations for Jersey Mike’s and Dairy Queen throughout the area. 1851 Franchise recently sat down with Maier to get more insight as to how she initially became involved with Jersey Mike’s and what role the brand’s franchise development website played in her decision to invest in the company.

1851: What made you initially attracted to the brand?

Maier: My husband and I love the quality of Jersey Mike’s product, as all of our meats and cheeses are sliced in front of the customer as they move down the line while their sandwich is made-to-order in front of them. Jersey Mike’s also values community involvement, and I find that to be a very important aspect for a company. We opened our first Long Island location in November 2017 and our second store opened on Valentine’s Day of this year.

1851: What parts of the brand made you decide to buy it?

Maier: As I previously mentioned, the quality of Jersey Mike’s food is outstanding. However, what really sealed the deal for my husband and I was the strong support system implemented by the brand’s corporate team. The executives at Jersey Mike’s do an excellent job at setting each unit owner up for success and were very helpful with guiding us through the decision-making process, from signing on for a location to facilitating the grand opening.

1851: When researching the brand, how important was the Website in helping educate you about the opportunity?

Maier: To be honest, we personally did not use the website much when initially researching the brand. I actually met the Jersey Mike’s corporate team at a franchise show in Vegas, and that's when I was first exposed to the brand. I was able to learn a lot about the company in-person through the management team. However, I do believe the franchise development website is a very important and helpful tool for prospective franchisees. The website provides detailed information on the investment opportunity and can allow potential investors to get their foot in the door to the brand before meeting with the corporate team to discuss purchasing a unit.

1851: How did you perform due diligence on the brand?

Maier: Prior to signing for a location, my husband and I mainly met with the corporate team face-to-face. We also met with other franchisees to get more information from them on the franchising model as well as their advice on how to run a successful location. I believe physically interacting with people and leaning on both existing franchise owners and the brand’s corporate team is the best way to become more knowledgeable about the company.

1851: How do you absorb content/media today?

Maier: I try to watch the news on TV before leaving for the day, but I mainly consume news online as I am always on-the-go. I do not have any news apps on my phone, but I pull up a few different browsers on Safari in between meetings and appointments throughout the day