SmartBrief: Hotel Foodservice Trends to Follow in 2019
SmartBrief: Hotel Foodservice Trends to Follow in 2019

Hotels and restaurants are on the lookout for ways to stay ahead of the trends and Kallpod has been named as one to watch.

Today, hotels are finding unique ways to keep up with ever-changing trends. In most cases, this comes down to the technology this hotel is utilizing. 
Kallpod is being integrated at hotels across the country to allow for better communication between guests and staff.
"As various technological advancements attempt to remove human interaction completely, we know that the future of technology is more about the customer being in control of the experience, rather than being the only party present," said Kallpod CEO Gabriel Weisz in the press release. "With Kallpod, we're able to strengthen the interaction in hospitality settings while also providing efficiencies to improve our customers' bottom lines."
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