How Franchisee Matt Glasson Hit the Grass Running with Lawn Doctor
How Franchisee Matt Glasson Hit the Grass Running with Lawn Doctor

In just a short time, the Waco, Texas native has enjoyed great success with the lawn care franchise Lawn Doctor.

While he’s only been a Lawn Doctor franchisee for two years, Matt Glasson hit the ground running and has quickly grown his business—much like the thick, lush lawns he helps his Waco, Texas neighbors maintain.

A Waco resident for nearly his entire life, Glasson comes from a tight-knit, hardworking family. Glasson and his wife Nancy, a pharmacist, have five canine family members, so it’s no wonder that his favorite part of working with Lawn Doctor is all the time he gets to spend outdoors.

After earning his associate degree in communications, Glasson began working for paint manufacturing company Sherwin-Wiliams. After 17 and a half years there, Glasson found himself at a crossroads in his career. He felt as if it was either time for him to advance or choose a different path completely.

Glasson was attracted to the business world because of the myriad opportunities available. His own father served as CEO for a successful insurance company for 43 years, so inspiration surrounded Glasson. “Business is something you end up accessing every day,” he said. “There’s no way to get away from it.” Glasson decided to enroll at Tarleton State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business.

Glasson began researching business models online that were family-oriented. He knew he didn’t want to work in food service, and he knew he liked the idea of not being cooped up in an office all day. He came across Lawn Doctor and was intrigued by the unique nature of the work.

Glasson and his father headed to New Jersey to meet with the Lawn Doctor corporate team. “By the time we got shown around, learned more and met the team, we knew we needed to pull the trigger on it,” said Glasson.

Glasson liked Lawn Doctor’s focus on serving families and the local community. He also found the franchise’s initial and ongoing guidance and support to be the most robust of all the business models he explored. In particular, Lawn Doctor provides comprehensive marketing support to its franchisees, including public relations, event marketing and digital and direct mail advertising.

The franchisee’s ramp-up was fast—and successful. In two short years, he has more than tripled his customer base, in part through providing quality and reliable services to large complexes and apartment buildings.

“Matt is a tenacious business builder and is deeply committed to customer service. He understands the importance of relationships as much as anyone we have in the Lawn Doctor system,” said Eric Martin, Vice President of Franchise Development. “I was so proud to see Matt take home a growth achievement award from our conference in December and I know this was the first of many awards Matt will receive. He is well on his way to building something very special in Waco.”

Glasson is grateful for his father’s guidance. “He gives me advice with what sales strategies will work, and has helped build my customer base with people he knows,” said Glasson. “He also helps me a great deal in the office when I’m swamped with work in the field.”

Glasson said the most satisfying part of working with Lawn Doctor has been seeing firsthand the difference he makes for his Waco neighbors’ lawns. “Seeing a customer with an issue like a fungus, and going out there to provide a service, then coming back for a check and seeing the spots cured—that’s the best part,” he said. “I love being able to get out and meet people and make the customers happy.”

Jay Markowitz, National Marketing Manager at Lawn Doctor, was quick to sing Glasson’s praises as well. “Matt is a very dedicated franchisee. He's an extremely hard worker and very focused on ensuring that the customer has the best experience and the best results. He’s deeply passionate about what he does,” said Markowitz.

Glasson said that he would absolutely recommend other potential franchisees look into Lawn Doctor if they are interested in a career change. “If you have the right attitude and are willing to work hard and take care of the customer, then the sky’s the limit,” he said.