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Fast Casual: Experts Weigh In on Supply Chain Issues

Layne’s Chicken Fingers COO Samir Wattar detailed how his chicken franchise has dealt with ongoing supply chain problems throughout the pandemic.

By David StatmanContributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 10/29/21

In a panel discussion at the Fast Casual Executive Summit, Layne’s Chicken Fingers COO Samir Wattar offered insight in a discussion about the supply chain issues restaurants have faced over the last two years.

For Wattar, confronting the problem has been simply a matter of maintaining relationships. "A supply chain is mainly building relationships," Wattar said. “We have had the opportunity to have great relationships with our vendors and create those contracts that we've had over the last year and a half to sustain and maintain those contracts to stay at those prices for our franchisees as long as we maintain the level of volume that we're purchasing.”

Wattar also detailed some measures Layne’s had to take, including changing their packaging and sourcing chicken from a different supplier.

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