LeBron Dunks Big Macs for Customizable Pizzas
LeBron Dunks Big Macs for Customizable Pizzas

James, a Blaze Pizza franchisee and investor, will focus on marketing initiatives.

King James is abandoning the land of burgers to rule the fast-fired pizza world.
CNBC is reporting that LeBron James is not re-upping his endorsement deal with McDonald's, and will instead focus his attention on marketing Blaze Pizza. Already an investor and a franchisee with locations in Chicago and Miami, James will be the cornerstone behind establishing the brand as the number one customizable pizza company in the industry.
"Significantly expanding his role, this wide-ranging deal will see James directly involved in the brand's marketing activities through advertising, social media, in-store appearances and other company campaigns," according to a Blaze release featured on CNBC.
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