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Lightbridge Academy®’s Pre-K Students Score 92% in Kindergarten Readiness Skills

The fast-growing early education and child care brand celebrates high scores on the nationally-renowned Vine Assessments of Pre-K children.

Lightbridge Academy®, one of the nation’s leading providers of early education and child care, was founded as a family business based on core values and a Circle of Care® philosophy that places equal importance on balancing the needs of children, parents, staff, center owners and the community. Lightbridge Academy provides quality early education and child care programs to children aged six weeks through kindergarten. Recently, the brand announced that they conducted the Vine Assessment on Pre-K students and 92% ranked proficient in Kindergarten Readiness for children who achieved or nearly achieved all the areas of the assessment.

The Vine Assessments align with the Common Core State Standards and are developmentally-appropriate early childhood assessments categorized as “Observational, Formative Assessments.” Teachers complete the Vine Assessments based on what they have observed in their interactions with the children and can use results as they prepare Lesson Plans. Teachers can also plan activities specifically intended to work on areas that the children have not yet scored as ‘Achieved.’

“The Vine Assessments examine all milestones and development skills that our Pre-K children possess as they advance into Kindergarten,” said Jeniece Decker, Lightbridge Academy’s Senior Associate of Training. “It is valuable not only because the tool can be used nationally but also because it is developmentally-appropriate. We are confident that our Seedlings Curriculum prepares children for Kindergarten, but having third-party validation is very important.”

Lightbridge Academy's Seedlings Early Childhood Education Curriculum strives to positively impact the "whole" child in a multitude of ways. The integrated curriculum ensures that a child advances academically as well as developmentally focusing on seven key learning domains. Children are introduced to these domains in an age appropriate way where they are able to successfully understand. By embracing every moment as another opportunity to learn, Lightbridge Academy’s goal is to unlock every child's potential. Educators encourage children with a "Learning is Fun" philosophy through play and positive reinforcement and build upon the skills they acquire at various ages and stages of their development. Each classroom is designed with learning centers to allow children to engage in teacher-led activities, child-led interests and individual play. 

“The learn-through-play approach with an emphasis on hands-on experience can sometimes be misinterpreted as children “just having fun,” said Decker. “In truth, children learn best when they are having fun! We work to demonstrate to parents that everything we do is intentional and is proven to help children reach specific goals and encourage development, whether it is in the area of academics, social skills or emotional intelligence. These assessments also help parents see their child’s progression and feel confident in our education program.”

In addition to instilling confidence in parents, Decker says that the Vine Assessment also reinforces franchisees confidence in the strength of the brand’s business model. “Franchisees trust that if they use the resources we provide and train teachers to properly execute the curriculum, the children in their centers will thrive and so will their business,” she said. 

The need for quality child care has never been greater; and the demand continues to grow along with the desire for higher quality. Lightbridge Academy offers entrepreneurs a proven educational program designed to meet the needs of today’s families.

“The Vine Assessments have validated the effectiveness of our program and we are proud of our 92% score in Pre-Kindergarten readiness,” said Decker. “Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and fun demonstrating that quality care and education go together. Our goal is to serve everyone in our Circle of Care to the best of our ability, and these assessments showcase our success in that regard.”

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