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Why Creating a Strong Customer Experience is a Major Focus for Multi-Unit Lightbridge Academy Franchisees

The Parkash family explains how a strong customer experience helped them create a family legacy as successful multi-unit owners with four Lightbridge Academy centers in their portfolio.

Lightbridge Academy®, the thriving early education and child care center with a footprint of over 140 centers open, under construction or in development, has remained an innovator in child care since its founding in 1997. Now, Lightbridge Academy is ushering in a new era of franchise development, with not only new franchisees signing on in untapped markets, but existing franchisees expanding with the brand, opening up multiple units and servicing more families in prime markets across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

Raj and Veenu Parkash, for example, have been with the brand for 15 years and are the proud owners of four Lightbridge Academy centers. The couple, who just purchased an existing location in the same region as their others, say the Lightbridge business model has recurring revenue and the ability to scale across all locations. When it comes to successful multi-unit development, the Parkashs say that consistency is key, and it all comes down to one thing: investing in a great customer experience. 

“When we go into a location, we see where we can spend money to improve it and strengthen our reputation. That means marketing and customer service is our top priority,” said Veenu. “But what has enabled us to survive and thrive over the past 18 years is the strong customer experience we deliver. Our families are so loyal that even when another competitor enters our market area, we don't lose students. For this reason, we have remained consistent in our high levels of occupancy in our center due to the firm roots we established in the community.”

The couple first learned about Lightbridge Academy as parents after enrolling their daughter Sanya in the early 2000s. The two were so impressed with their experience, they invested in their first child care center in 2004, a second in 2012 and a third in 2019. In a full-circle moment, their daughter Sanya is now a center director for them and was recently recognized as Director of the Year by Lightbridge Franchise Company. Recently, the Parkashes have acquired an existing Lightbridge Academy center in South Brunswick, New Jersey, where they have plans to ensure operations and the Circle of Care provided to its families always exceed expectations.

"With the new location, it completes a circle between our other three locations: Edison, North Brunswick and Renaissance. We were interested in the new South Brunswick location because of the proximity, and when you expand concentrically, people know you and your reputation,” said Raj.

In all these years that they have been a part of the Lightbridge Academy system, the Parkashs have seen the brand grow significantly and establish itself as The Solution for Working Parents®. A major factor in that growth has been an increased demand for high-quality child care services. Child care is expected to become a $73.8 billion industry by 2027, realizing nearly 4% compound annual growth, and the early education and daycare segment dominates the U.S. child care market, with a share of around 46% in 2019.

Raj and Veenu say they are excited to continue growing their family-owned legacy with Lightbridge Academy and building general wealth with a strong portfolio of successful centers.

The executive team at Lightbridge Franchise Company is thrilled to see the Parkashs invest in another child care center and seek other family-owned, multi-unit operators who have a desire to expand their portfolio and want a business with recurring revenue.

“Lightbridge Academy is proud to have the Parkashes as part of our franchise family. They have been an integral and increasingly important part of this brand and are caring owners who embody our core values,” said Gigi Schweikert, CEO. “Having them continually reinvest in our model and build their multi-unit portfolio demonstrates how our franchise brings compounding success that entire families can enjoy.”

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