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Mashable: The Sass Master Behind Wendy’s Twitter

This Wendy's employee could change the way businesses manage their Twitter accounts.

On January 3rd, a Wendy’s employee posted a tweet that caused a ruckus on social media, responding to a customer who didn't beleive Wendy's patties were never frozen. The employee was Amy Brown, who has been with Wendy’s for four and a half years and is the brand’s social media manager. Her tweets, quippy and a little bit challenging, are helping to shape what social media for businesses could (and maybe should) become.

"The intent of the social media team is to represent the brand’s voice as best as they can," Rhonten told Mashable. "When folks say, 'roast me,' we’re going to have fun with that." However, Rhonten says that Wendy’s is still representative of an eight-year-old girl with pigtails, so boundaries are still a must.

The lesson here isn’t that all companies’ twitter accounts need to be sassy, but that they need to be personable. When customer service moves towards digital (rather than face-to-face) interactions, brands need to figure out how to represent themselves most accurately.

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