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Mold Medics’ Michael Chapman Develops Rapid Expertise As Brands’ First Franchisee

Chapman signed a franchise agreement last spring, despite no prior experience in mold treatment, and has followed the lead of his existing franchise experience.

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The new, up-and-coming name in home allergen services received a huge franchising boost last March. Mold Medics, the recently established franchise in consumer mold treatment, welcomed its first franchisee, Michael Chapman, to its operation in March 2021. He currently covers territories in the western parts of the state of Pennsylvania, and his business took shape just weeks after a franchise agreement.

“I’ve been excited every day,” Chapman said. “I went from not knowing anything about mold whatsoever, to now being quite sure of myself and my abilities to deliver quality home services to the people of this region.”

Prior to working with Mold Medics, Chapman worked as a specialist for Pennsylvania-based Wireless Zone — where his business partnership with a Mold Medics executive first began. Tim Swackhammer is the owner, founder and CEO of Mold Medics, but his family-operated Swack Business Group also operates Wireless Zone franchise network where Chapman previously worked.

Tim Swackhammer began building the Mold Medics brand in early 2021, turning it from a mom-and-pop operation to a full-service franchise. Part of Swackhammer’s duties was to develop a comprehensive training process for Mold Medics — which was ultimately pioneered by Chapman as he learned all facets of Mold Medics service: mold removal, air duct cleaning, mold testing, radon testing, and home and office disinfection. Many of these duties feature custom, proprietary technology, but Chapman was able to prove a quick and efficient training process to set a franchise unit in motion.

“The Swack Business Group had always prioritized having the right franchise partners in place, long before Mold Medics was even in the picture,” said Tim Swackhammer. The group itself, developed from franchisees turned franchisors, was able to provide direct guidance to Chapman once his franchise agreement was signed. Chapman was licensed, insured and certified as a home treatment specialist within weeks of joining the brand. By July, Chapman was performing mold treatment service as a licensed professional. 

As a small business owner, Chapman sees the Mold Medics franchise opportunity as one that can uplift both a community and a family. “I want to keep growing, and I hope one day to be able to pass something down to my kids,” he said. As the brand continues to establish its franchising presence, it is equipped for both new and existing franchisees to take on additional duties, helping to make that greater footprint a reality.

The brand itself has proven to be pandemic resistant, and able to handle challenges that may be thrown its way. The demand for home treatment services remains high after people are continuing to spend more time at home, and the essential need for mold treatment has allowed Mold Medics to project high year-round demand. The brand has done so in providing an uplifting franchise model, all while helping the markets in which the name is introduced.

“Once you start seeing how to help the customers and the difference in people's lives that you make, it does get you excited,” Chapman said.

As Mold Medics continues to introduce this difference in new markets, it does so with the insights developed by Chapman as the first franchisee. He quickly proved the brand’s ability to support new franchisees, and has helped set the tone for other franchisees to follow.

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