MOOYAH Franchisee Excited about Growth Prospects
MOOYAH Franchisee Excited about Growth Prospects

California owner loves healthful options that brand provides.

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes franchise owner Terry Ratto is bringing better burgers to Silicon Valley.

After working in the commercial construction business for 25 years, Ratto was looking for a change. He began looking at different business and franchise opportunities. After eating at MOOYAH in Texas several times, he kept thinking about the brand while reviewing franchises.

“I liked the concept, I liked the quality and the process," said Ratto. “I decided to go back and meet with the management team at MOOYAH and I was impressed with their vision and growth.”

After that meeting, Ratto bought the rights to Santa Clara County in California. He has opened two locations, in Morgan Hill and Los Gatos, California, with plans to open more.

“I found that the corporate office, from the training team to the IT team, and to their product support team is extremely helpful,” said Ratto. “All the executives are there when you need their support.”

In addition to the corporate support, one thing that that drew Ratto to the MOOYAH brand was that the concept offers a customizable meal with many healthy options.

“In California there are so many healthy options,” said Ratto. “We have fresh-baked buns, lettuce wraps, and 24 different toppings and sauces, veggie burgers and turkey burgers and we have salads. We’ve noticed that we sell more salads at the Los Gatos location, which is only 22 miles north of the Morgan Hills. The closer you get to San Francisco it’s even more so.”

In addition to offering healthful options, MOOYAH provides a family-friendly environment.

“It’s a good atmosphere and it’s comfortable for everyone,” said Ratto. “It’s not a one-dimensional place where only one person will get a burger, there is something everyone should be happy eating.”

Ratto’s two MOOYAH locations consistently place in the top 10 for sales.

While Ratto wanted to find success and start building more locations, he also enjoys spending his time as a MOOYAH franchisee connecting with customers and the local community.

“Meeting the customers has been a very rewarding thing,” said Ratto. “I’ve met incredible people in Morgan Hill and Los Gatos. We have great regular customers who come in two or three times a week.”

Through his two MOOYAH locations, Ratto is building ties to the community by working with local charities and two local high schools.

“The community involvement hasn’t just paid off from a business standpoint, but also as a human interaction point it’s been very satisfying and appreciated,” said Ratto. “That’s been my highlight.”