Brenda McGregor Prepares to Open Her First Mosquito Hunters Franchise
Brenda McGregor Prepares to Open Her First Mosquito Hunters Franchise

The New England entrepreneur signed on with the recurring revenue brand earlier this year and plans to open her first franchise by spring.

Recurring revenue franchise Mosquito Hunters is projected for explosive growth of new territories opening in markets across the country in 2019. Some of those new territories will be opened by existing franchisees who are expanding their operations, but the emerging franchise brand will also be opening a large number of startup locations with brand new franchisees.

Brenda McGregor is Mosquito Hunters’ newest franchisee. She signed up earlier this year, is working through training now, and plans to have her business operational by early spring of 2019. 

Originally from Toronto, Brenda and her husband Geoff moved to New Hampshire seven years ago for Geoff’s job. Geoff works at a large corporation, and for a while, Brenda stayed at home raising their two kids. Now that their kids are growing up, Brenda wanted to find a business that she could run while still allowing Geoff to focus on his corporate career.

1851Franchise.com talked to the Brenda to learn more about what drew her to Mosquito Hunters franchise and what she is most excited about with her new venture.

What inspired you to open a business?

Brenda: I’ve always thought it would be exciting to open a business, but it’s a big risk. To have the support of a franchise behind you is very appealing. I worked for many years as a production planner for Kodak in Toronto, and then I decided to stay home with the kids. Now they are teens and they are more independent, so this felt like a good time to venture out and try something new.

How did you first learn about Mosquito Hunters?

Brenda: Getting into a franchise brand was something that had been in the back of my mind for a while. I had done a little research online over the years, but it always felt daunting. Eventually, a franchise coach found me and reached out. I had a few calls with him, and he walked me through the process. My franchise coach introduced me to a handful of brands he thought might work for me. I had a number of different criteria. The investment cost was a big one, of course — I wanted the potential to make a lot of money from a reasonable investment — but I also wanted something that would make an impact on our community. So I narrowed down to a few brands that fit those parameters. Mosquito Hunters was one of them.

What made you want to learn more about Mosquito Hunters?

Brenda: One of the big things for me was thinking about our community here in New England. Mosquito Hunters is, of course, most known for mosquito control, but it also offers tick control. That intrigued me. If you Google “lyme carrying tick population in the U.S.,” you see red dots spread out over a map of the country, but when you get to New England, it’s completely covered in red. Especially for parents and pet-owners, that’s a very concerning thing. So I saw Mosquito Hunters as an opportunity to start a business that would have a real impact here and help families in a very practical way.

After you started looking into Mosquito Hunters franchise, what sold you on it?

Brenda: As I went through the process and got to know everyone on the team, the culture really stood out to me. It was something I wanted to be a part of. I had met with other brands, but these things often come down to people, and I really liked the people at Mosquito Hunters. It was a great fit. It is a young company that has a real energy to it, but it’s also respectful and professional.  The association with Lawn Doctor was also a huge plus. You can see just how much expertise there is on the team. So it’s this great marriage of the energy and excitement of a new brand doing cool things and the experience and best practices of a more seasoned team that really knows the industry. I remember coming back from the Discovery Day and thinking, “Wow. This is it.”

Can you elaborate on what you think your day-to-day will look like?

Brenda: I will be the hands-on, day-to-day operator as we get off the ground. One of the nice things about Mosquito Hunters is that I don’t need a brick-and-mortar storefront, and I will schedule all our services in advance, so I’ll still have the flexibility to be home when I need to be. I think it’s going to work very well.

Do you have any plans to keep growing after you open your first territory?

Brenda: If I could move fast enough, I’d love to own all of New Hampshire. I am in this to do well, make an impact and feel good about what I am doing. But I’m also in it to make some money and grow. I will take it one day at a time, but I feel the sky is the limit here.

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