Dallas-Area Native Achieves Dream of Business Ownership With Mosquito Hunters Franchise
Dallas-Area Native Achieves Dream of Business Ownership With Mosquito Hunters Franchise

After his nearly two-decade career in the corporate sector ended abruptly, Rob Sutterfield seized the opportunity to work for himself as a Mosquito Hunters Franchise Owner.

After being laid off for the third and final time in his career as an Information Technology professional, Rob Sutterfield was done putting his destiny in the hands of others. While the forced end of an 18-year career wasn’t easy for him, Sutterfield chose to embrace the opportunity to seek out something new. As part of his severance package from IBM, the Dallas-area native was put in contact with a franchise broker and found himself captivated by the advantages of the franchise model. Sutterfield drew on his experience in the corporate sphere to assess various brands, ultimately choosing Mosquito Hunters franchise for his first venture into business ownership.

“Owning a business is something I've always wanted to do and everything came together at the right time to make it happen,” Sutterfield said. “I never felt personally fulfilled in the corporate world and I see getting involved with Mosquito Hunters franchise as a huge opportunity to achieve that personal success and satisfaction.”

Sutterfield said the decision to get into franchising with Mosquito Hunters was an easy one because of the brand’s youth and built-in support from its association with an established franchise. “I loved the fact that Mosquito Hunters is a young franchise,” Sutterfield said. “Being an early adopter provides a ton of advantages, flexibility and a great opportunity to grow with the brand because as popularity increases, you’re at the forefront. Plus, Lawn Doctor’s backing brings experience and stability to the brand because of its established presence.”

Mosquito Hunters’ strong business model was also a strong selling point for Sutterfield. “The brand serves a need in a really fun and lighthearted way,” he said. “The executive staff is incredibly down-to-earth, friendly and supportive. My interactions with them really solidified the brand as a great fit.”

As he prepares to open his territory spanning parts of the Dallas—Fort Worth metro area into The Colony and Frisco, Texas, Sutterfield said he’s most looking forward to the personal responsibility he will have in the success of his Mosquito Hunters franchise. “I’m really excited about being able to control my own destiny,” Sutterfield said. “Now, when I put in long hours during the week into my work, it’s not for someone else. It all comes back to me – the success is my own, as are the mistakes.”

“Rob’s strong work ethic, determination and business acumen are going to be valuable assets to his work with Mosquito Hunters,” said Eric Martin, Vice President of Franchise Development for Mosquito Hunters. “His familiarity with the area and knowledge of its personality are an excellent strategic advantage as we enter the Dallas—Fort Worth market and we’re excited for him to get started and grow the brand.”

Sutterfield said growing up in northern Texas has already proven beneficial to his new business endeavor, as he has been able to rely on his extensive network of friends and family to increase brand awareness and build relationships with people, businesses and vendors throughout his territory. “There's a need in the community for our services due to the health risks associated with mosquitoes,” Sutterfield said. “People’s awareness of the risks mosquitoes, fleas and ticks pose are rising as diseases like Zika and West Nile remain in the public eye, which gives us the opportunity to provide a customer-focused service that is more targeted than what traditional pest control companies provide.”

To learn more about Mosquito Hunters franchise opportunities, visit www.mosquitohuntersfranchise.com.

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