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Happinest Brands Showcases Its Shared Culture of Success with System-Wide Meeting

Employees of the nearly 900-unit, multi-brand network were able to convene for the first time to celebrate the brand’s growth and numerous achievements.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 2:14PM 12/29/22

As Happinest Brands, a multi-company home service franchisor, enters its fifth year as a powerful force in the industry, the business was able to coordinate its first system-wide meetup. For the first time in the franchise’s history, almost every employee from the nearly 900 units of Lawn Doctorecomaids and Mosquito Hunters met in person for a week of learning and celebration at the Happinest headquarters in Holmdel, New Jersey. 

“We are growing and becoming a more sophisticated group that attracts really good people and talent,” said Eric Martin, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development at Happinest Brands. “When you go from one brand to three and double your staff size in four years, as we have, it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page, in sync and understanding the Happinest way, the messaging, branding, what our goals are and what the reasons behind our growth strategy are.”

During the “All Hands Meeting,” which took place from October 24 to 28, the leadership team shared insights on best practices, recognized notable achievements, hosted development meetings and celebrated the announcement of additional “eggs” that will soon be added to the Happinest nest. 

“I think as we continue to grow and build a house of bricks, it's important that we maintain our shared culture of success — that's really what this meeting was about,” said Ronald Ens, franchise development manager for Happinest Brands. “When you grow as we have, it's very important to maintain a tight-knit community.”

October was the first opportunity that the parent brand had to call together every member of its system, and the outcome was no less than exceptional and extremely productive for everyone involved. Martin touted the benefits of collaborating in person when the franchise system is as large as Happinest’s. 

“You can email and FaceTime, but nothing replaces being in the same room for a week and seeing how people interact and elevate each other,” said Martin. “It’s so nice to be propagating success and sharing it. When you have newer individuals networking with older members of the franchise, they learn so much through osmosis.”

Attendees, both franchise owners and corporate executives alike, contributed positive feedback about and appreciation for their time together. 

“For me, the week showed that we're all in alignment; every department is aligned. We all want the best for our franchise partners and for our teammates at Happinest. That was very clear the entire time,” commented Sharon Cupach, Vice President of Franchise Development.

The team at Happinest looks forward to continuing an ‘All Hands Meeting’ biennially, Martin said, and the brand hopes to welcome many new faces each time as interest and growth continue to climb in the industry.

“Our staff is buzzing about what a great time they had and is extremely excited about what the future has in store for our brands. The franchising world is taking note and recognizing what an incredible team we are building to support our rapidly growing system,” Martin said. “It’s becoming ever-apparent that Happinest Brands is a cutting-edge company that attracts top talent while having a collaborative, forward-thinking and fun culture.”

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