Mike Faherty Wanted a Mosquito Hunters Franchise in His Neighborhood, So He Opened One
Mike Faherty Wanted a Mosquito Hunters Franchise in His Neighborhood, So He Opened One

The new franchisee is preparing to open his pest-control business in early 2019.

Mike Faherty spent the first fourteen years of his career in tech, working giant corporations like Compaq and Hewlett Packer. Ten years ago, he left the corporate world and started his own company, a marketing agency called ProSales Connection, which helps businesses grow their sales pipelines. So Mosquito Hunters, a pest-control franchise, may seem like an unusual departure for Faherty as far as business ventures go, but he says it was exactly what he was looking for in his next business.

“I decided this year that I wanted to take on a new business opportunity that would make a difference,” Faherty said. “I was looking for something that would require a bit more community involvement — a service company that worked with local businesses or residents. I wanted to find a service I was passionate about.”

Those goals are not unusual among Mosquito Hunters franchisees, who often discover the brand while looking for community-oriented service businesses. But unlike most franchisees, who arrive at the franchise through brokers or business magazines, Faherty discovered the opportunity as a consumer.

After nearly completing a major renovation of the backyard and pool at his home in Houston, Faherty says he found himself unable to enjoy his investment because of the near-constant mosquitos.

“I was sitting there one evening when the project was almost done, and I was completely attacked by mosquitos,” he said. “I couldn’t believe how much money I had spent to fix up this yard and I was miserable out there. So I went inside and starting Googling solutions.”

That’s when Faherty discovered Mosquito Hunters. Unfortunately, the mosquito-control brand didn’t have an active territory in his neighborhood. Faherty says that gap immediately struck him as an opportunity. “It clicked instantly,” he said. “I started poking around online, and I realized it was everything I was looking for.”

Soon after, Faherty filled out an inquiry form and was contacted by a member of the Mosquito Hunters’ development team. After going through the due diligence and pre-qualification process, the corporate team brought him out to a discovery day in July.

“It’s fair to say I had some doubts about how well the service worked, since there were no service providers in my area,” he said. But once he got to meet some franchisees, those doubts were put to rest. “I heard how passionate they were about the brand and I saw how successful they were, and it was clear that what they’re doing works.”

Faherty signed on to become a Mosquito Hunters owner before the end of the summer. Currently, he’s going through training to learn the brand’s operational model, encompassing everything from marketing strategy to the treatment application processes. He says he’s planning to launch his business prior to the Spring season.

“In Houston, we have mosquitos on Christmas Day. There is no downtime,” he said. “Mosquito season never ends here, so we’re excited to get started as soon as we can.”

Faherty is still running ProSales Connection, and he has no plans to put that company on the back burner as he opens his Mosquito Hunters.

“I don’t see either business as a side-business,” he said. “They are more like legs of a stool; each is supporting the other. I wanted to diversify my income, and I’m going to get a lot of value out of both businesses.”

Faherty is confident that his Mosquito Hunter business is going to grow quickly, in part because of the systems, marketing and support he’s found in the discovery and training processes, and in part because of his experience as a business owner.

“I built my business on overdelivering value to my clients and having a customer-first service orientation,” he said. “I’m excited to take that same commitment to Mosquito Hunters. That’s a winning approach, and I think it’s going to allow me to dominate my market.”

To learn more about Mosquito Hunters franchise opportunities, visit https://mosquitohuntersfranchise.com/.

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