Mosquito Hunters Heading Toward ‘Icon’ Status As It Surpasses 50 Franchise Units Signed
Mosquito Hunters Heading Toward ‘Icon’ Status As It Surpasses 50 Franchise Units Signed

The home services brand has grown to 54 franchise locations in just a few years.

In October 2018, home service franchise Mosquito Hunters clocked in at eight total units.

As of May 2019—just seven months later—Mosquito Hunters has officially surpassed the 50-unit mark for licenses signed.

Andy Fuller, the CEO of Mosquito Hunters, founded the brand in 2014. The Chicago-based company began franchising in 2016 and growth has accelerated faster than he could have imagined. “Three years ago, we had zero franchise locations. Two years ago, we had two. One year ago, eight, and today, 54—and we may have more by the end of this week,” he said

“Reaching 50 units is a key milestone for any franchise,” said Ron Ens, Franchise Development Manager of Mosquito Hunters. “With 50 units, that moves us from a nice, new concept to an established franchise. We’ve been attracting a very high caliber of franchisee, and our growth will continue to accelerate because we have so many great operators to provide validation for future entrepreneurs.”

In 2016, with no previous franchising experience, Fuller had bold, bordering on presumptuous, goals to propel the Mosquito Hunters brand to “household name” status. “I assumed early on that once you go through the trouble to start franchising, you are automatically iconic. The reality is, that’s hardly even the starting line. Most franchises are brands you’ve never heard of and never will,” he said, adding that the vast majority of franchise brands will never claim greater than 100 units at any point.

But with more than 50 units in just three years, Mosquito Hunters is actually on a real trajectory to become an iconic brand.

“We’ve found that our franchise development directors are really good at forming meaningful relationships, both in the franchise consulting community and with organic candidates who’ve found us online,” said Fuller. “That has been the secret to our success, which aligns perfectly with our mission statement.”

That aforementioned Mosquito Hunters mission statement reads as follows:

“We believe our business exists to build relationships with our clients and with each other. When we provide support, these relationships grow. With extraordinary relationships, we believe that client loyalty, brand integrity, profitability, and professionalism are inherent.”    

Fuller credits the brand’s explosive growth to this philosophy. “If you build strong relationships and support them, the money and success—everything you want for your business—will figure itself out as a natural byproduct,” said Fuller, adding that forging a partnership with Lawn Doctor last year also helped take Mosquito Hunters’ franchising game to the next level. “We couldn't have gotten there without our exceptional franchise development team. They are incredibly relationship-focused, diligent, and engaged with prospective owners, as well as franchise consultants.”

The brand’s top-notch corporate team is in good company. Fuller also gave thanks for the fleet of amazing franchisees the brand has attracted over the last few years.

“I love the caliber of our franchisees,” he said. “They come from very diverse walks of life, but what they have in common is a willingness to go outside of their comfort zones. They want something greater, something with more purpose—to take their talents and experiences and apply them to create something of value for themselves.”

The Mosquito Hunters system is comprised of individuals from an array of personal and professional backgrounds, from C-level executives to top military personnel, and from former educators to serial entrepreneurs.

“Some of our franchisees are semi-absentee owners with other businesses, and some have built and sold off a number of businesses—this is their next big adventure,” said Fuller. “Our owners are not just those looking to exit the corporate world. I’m happy to see experienced, established business owners seeing value in what Mosquito Hunters has to offer.”

Fuller said that having a diverse pool of owners benefits each individual within the franchise. “I didn’t realize this when I started franchising, but one of the best parts of being a franchisee is the ability to talk to your fellow franchisees. They’re going through the exact same thing you’re going through,” he said. “We have video chats every week and franchisees from Texas to New York to Nebraska get on to discuss best practices and what’s working for them.”

While much of this F2F (franchisee to franchisee: pass it on) sharing revolves around franchisees’ most recent Mosquito Hunters experiences, it’s also heavily informed by their unique career experiences. “When you have a CEO in Cincinnati, a biochemist in New Orleans and a restaurateur in New York City, for example, you know you will get some fresh ideas,” noted Fuller.

Fuller said his favorite part of serving as CEO of Mosquito Hunters is getting to work with small business owners every day. “I’m obsessed with small business,” he said. “If I’m sitting next to someone on a plane and they say they’re a business owner or want to start their own business, I don't care what industry it’s in, I’m infinitely fascinated. I have a million questions.”

It’s no wonder the CEO particularly loves the franchise model, since franchising inherently creates a network of small business owners. “A franchisee is not an employee or a customer. They’re a business owner. We get to support each other every day as business owners,” he said.

Moving forward on the heels of this 50-unit milestone, Mosquito Hunters continues to look for strong franchisees to join its system of talented small business owners.

“Anywhere in the market where there are mosquitoes, people with a little disposable income and homes with yards, there’s an opportunity,” said Fuller. “We just need to find people who are the right fit: People who are independent, but want to be coached; who are willing to go out of their comfort zones; are communicative; and want to be a part of a business that helps the community. The timing is perfect right now.  We’re sold out in only two markets in the entire country, so we are ready to grow.”

“It’s really exciting to build something meaningful, and to get to do it with people you really enjoy working with,” said Fuller. “What more could you ask for?”

The total investment necessary to open a Mosquito Hunters franchise ranges from $70,107 to $82,903. For more information, visit https://mosquitohuntersfranchise.com.

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