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Mosquito Hunters Holds Chicago Meetup for Franchisees, Brokers and Corporate Team

The pest control franchise’s recent event fostered camaraderie and energized the entire team to finish the year strong heading into 2023.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 2:14PM 09/26/22

Mosquito Hunters, a 130-plus-unit outdoor pest control company under Happinest Brands, has grown to become a powerful franchise. Even as it grows, the executives make sure to keep a tight-knit bond between all the owners. The brand recently brought together corporate team members, franchisees and brokers in Chicago to share the best practices, network and catch up in person for the first time since the pandemic.

Mosquito Hunters has grown exponentially over the past few years, and the team we have assembled is incredible. Because of the coronavirus, the system was virtual, and all of us have not had the chance to be together at the corporate headquarters in Chicago,” explained Eric Martin, senior vice president of franchise development at Happinest Brands. “We had a great time learning from each other and being around each other for a few days.”

The meetup included local Mosquito Hunters franchisees, the brand’s entire group of franchise business advisors, the CEO and development team, and several franchise consultants from groups like IFPG and FranChoice.

The weekend consisted of a few company meals, spending time on the town, attending a Cubs game and filming promotional material. “Everyone was able to talk on a deeper level than is typically possible over a Zoom call,” said Ronald Ens, franchise development manager at Mosquito Hunters, who called it “a real opportunity to get to know people.” 

“Life is all about perspective,” Martin added. “When you bring different groups together like this, you see each other differently. There's only so much you can gather from interviews and conferences.”

Some of the development team stayed longer to participate in a training class that provided many great talking points and information to pass along to potential franchise candidates. It was also an excellent chance for the brokers to see what Mosquito Hunters is all about and pick the brains of franchise owners.

“Consultants were able to see who the right fit is and what their life is like on a day-to-day basis. Attending these events helps everyone stay in touch with the reality of being a franchise owner,” said Stephanie Ruby, director of franchise development at Mosquito Hunters.

Trevor Steenholdt, who recently became a director of franchise development with the brand, said the trip was a fantastic experience. 

“Being the newest team member, I was excited to interface with everyone, giving me a sense of the great culture built here,” Steenholdt said. “It’s a highly collaborative organization that facilitates a culture of sharing ideas freely. That's such a net positive in any franchise system.”

“Culture is a big initiative for Happinest as a whole and a big part of what Happinest wants to be. It's about connecting people and sharing times together, and that's a big part of what we did in Chicago,” Ens added.

The franchise system has plans to incorporate more company-wide meetups in the future to further encourage staying close as the brand grows. In October, there will be a Happinest meeting in New York, and Mosquito Hunters is planning its first-ever annual conference. “Hunterpalooza” will take place in Florida next January.

The total investment necessary to open a Mosquito Hunters franchise ranges from $89,187–$116,187. For more information on franchising opportunities with Mosquito Hunters, visit

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