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Mosquito Hunters Provides Franchise Discount to Military Couple To Begin Next Chapter of Civilian Lives

How Shawn and Nickie Hall found their calling post military service.

By Kristen Stankus
SPONSOREDUpdated 12:12PM 10/20/18

Shawn and Nickie Hall have devoted their entire lives to helping others. High school sweethearts from West Virginia, Shawn and Nickie have traveled the world during 25 years of military service, and they are currently residing at the Air Force base in Sumter, South Carolina, where they plan to stay upon Shawn’s retirement in June of 2019.

Most would hardly consider taking on ownership of a franchise as the typical retirement, but the chance to be a part of Mosquito Hunters was an opportunity Shawn and Nickie just couldn’t pass up.

“The Army has some really good transition programs,” Shawn said about his retirement. “Through one, an entrepreneurial coach came in and talked about business opportunities. I’ve always been interested in owning my own business, so it seemed like the right time to get serious about my second act.”

The Army is really good at taking care of people, and setting those up who are getting out by providing transition programs, Shawn explained. These transition programs are mandatory no matter how many years of service someone has dedicated to the military. The coach sat down with the Halls to discuss their options moving forward.

Mosquito Hunters rose to the top of the list,” Shawn said about the options presented to them. Mosquito Hunters offers a military discount to veterans starting a second career, knocking $10,000 off of the entry into the franchise. Mosquito Hunters, as well as the programs provided by the Army, showed Shawn his dreams of being a business owner could be achieved and so Shawn along with his wife, Nickie, have been franchise owners since October 2017 of a Mosquito Hunters franchise in Columbia, South Carolina.

When looking at the perfect business opportunity, Shawn was examining profitability and eyeing the chance to spend more time with his family, and Nickie wanted to feel like she was helping someone with a problem, and helping the community. Mosquito Hunters gave them the opportunity to do both.

Meanwhile, Nickie has been working on getting a degree in psychology, planning on using it for advocating for children in the school systems or the elderly in nursing homes. “That’s where my passion is, helping people,” said Nickie who has also dedicated her life to being an advocate for her autistic son. With Mosquito Hunters, she realized that she can continue to help others. “I am helping people by preventing them and their beloved pets from getting diseases.”

Like any transition, it is not always simple. “You don’t know what you don’t know,” Shawn said about becoming a business owner without having any experience. “I worked my whole life, but I never had to worry about things like paying someone. But the franchise model works well to get a business up and running. Stepping into a franchise is something that has already been proven to work and Mosquito Hunters has a lot figured out for you, like teaching you how to handle payroll.”

With that, there’s flexibility in the way each franchisee operates their business. “You do own every decision you make. Sometimes that can be stressful, but sometimes just knowing that you own something and that you can take ownership of it, makes us want to do better not just for us but for clients,” Nickie said.

Shawn and Nickie will continue focusing on their family, helping the community, and growing what they have already built with Mosquito Hunters.

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