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Mosquito Hunters’ Soft Roll Out Program a Huge Boon for Franchisees Such as Real Estate Professional Jim Tomberlin

The bug-banishing brand’s Soft Roll Out program helped Tomberlin continue in his real estate career while also adjusting to franchise life.

Mosquito Hunters stands out as a franchising opportunity thanks to its low cost of entry, recurring revenue stream, simple business model and more.  What further sets the brand apart from other business ownership opportunities is its Soft Roll Out (SRO) program. The brand’s SRO allows new franchisees to lay the groundwork for their upcomingMosquito Hunters franchise opening while also maintaining their day jobs.

“The Mosquito Hunters SRO program is a tremendous benefit for franchisees who want to ease into the franchising process,” Franchise Development Manager Ronald Ens said. “Mosquito Hunters provides extensive training to all of our franchisees and gives them the tools they need to succeed. That said, we absolutely understand why some of our newer franchisees may want to ease into the franchise life more slowly. Franchising for the first time is a huge step, and we’re happy to work with our new franchisees as they enter a new chapter in their professional lives while also carrying on with their existing jobs.”

One franchisee who took advantage of the brand’s SRO program is James Tomberlin. Tomberlin, a real estate broker who has worked in the industry for 17 years, signed with Mosquito Hunters in August of 2019 and officially opened his franchise, Mosquito Hunters of South Katy in Texas, in February of 2020. Prior to his official opening, he got a head start on marketing and networking efforts, which helped him acclimate to the business while also continuing to work in real estate.

“Real estate is a great business,” he said. “I can’t imagine stopping that entirely, but I was getting into this phase of life where I was on the cusp of becoming an empty nester. My second kid is about to graduate high school and go to college, which means I’m about to have some extra time on my hands. I was looking around for a way to fill that extra time now that I’m not coaching or driving car pools—the sort of things you do as a parent when your kids are younger.”

Although Tomberlin has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in finance, he wanted to go into business with a roadmap and support. He spoke with a franchise consultant who helped him find Mosquito Hunters and determine whether or not it was the right fit for him. Tomberlin then met with the franchisor team and liked what he saw, from the scalable business model to the brand’s mustachioed mascot, Gunther the Hunter.

Tomberlin is excited about this new venture. He noted that in his region, people put a lot of money into their backyards and often don’t even know that a bug-banishing solution is nearby. To that end, he recently joined a local BNI chapter to help spread the word about his business and worked at a local home and garden show in January.

Tomberlin is busy, to be sure, but he also loves the flexibility a franchise like Mosquito Hunters offers.

“In real estate, every day is different, and in Mosquito Hunters, every day is different,” he said. “It’s a rare day when I don’t touch both of the businesses. The SRO has been great because I’ve been able to keep my real estate practice going while starting my franchise.”

Tomberlin also loves the recurring revenue potential and repeat customer base. “In real estate, I can help my client find their dream home, but if I do my job correctly, they won’t need me again for quite a while,” he said. With my Mosquito Hunters business, I get the opportunity to work with my clients throughout the year and for many years to come.”

By offering its SRO program, Mosquito Hunters can continue to attract high-caliber franchisees like Tomberlin and ensure they have a smooth transition into franchise ownership.

"The total investment necessary to open a Mosquito Hunters franchise ranges from $70,107 to $85,903. The franchise license fee ranges from $25,000 to $35,000. For more information on franchising opportunities with Mosquito Hunters, visit


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