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Mosquito Hunters Thrives In Atlanta With Three Collaborative Female Franchisees

Chanise Price, Stephanie Eaddy and Jil Elzey have combined to create a huge market presence in Atlanta, all while helping develop each others’ franchise territories.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 01/12/22

Mosquito Hunters is growing rapidly. As a leading pest control franchise in a booming industry, the brand has taken on rapid expansion with 50 new signings in 2021 alone. With this growth has come multiple territories in the same markets, and a team of franchisees in Atlanta are proof that it’s beneficial to welcome multiple franchisees in a single market.

Chanise Price, Stephanie Eaddy and Jil Elzey are helping fight two misconceptions: the attitude that other unit owners are competing with you for business and that Mosquito Hunters is often thought of as a business ownership opportunity for men.

Price, Eaddy and Elzey have combined to develop some serious brand awareness through their combined local presence, and their collaborative efforts have displayed Mosquito Hunters as a fast-growing, simple to manage business opportunity. Of the extra franchisees in the area, Eaddy says it best: “We were very lucky from day one that there were already Atlanta franchises in our space.”

All three franchisees are now reaping the benefits of a pandemic-proof business model, one that can adapt to a changing landscape and provide for customers under all sorts of constraints and circumstances. As the landscape continues to change, all three franchisees and the Mosquito Hunters brand at large have been able to lean on each other. This spirit has generated a sustainable model for growth.

“When we first got started, it was great to know that I had Jil and Chanise on our side,” Eaddy added. “Jil already had a year under her belt during one of the toughest years, having started her business in the middle of the pandemic. If I didn't know the answer to something, Jil would absolutely know, and she was so great about opening up, being super transparent and being helpful. All three of us have shared plenty of insights ever since we started working together.”

Price spoke further on the presence of women in the industry, and how the team of female franchisees in Atlanta have been able to help the brand develop and connect with new customers. “The response I’ve received has been amazing,” she said. “A huge amount of our customers are moms, and it’s been extremely helpful to network and build connections with them.”

The market in Georgia has been ideal for that growth-minded spirit, as all three Atlanta-based franchisees agree. “I feel like Atlanta is booming with entrepreneurship,” Price said. “You can find like-minded individuals here that can show a lot of support, can help network and can connect you with business opportunities. The climate here is really helpful for our industry too, and it’s been really cool to see everything come together in this city.”

Coming together has meant sharing opportunities as needed — and if one Atlanta-based Mosquito Hunters franchisee is unavailable, another team is equipped to help out. “It’s about working together,” Elzey said. “If any of us have a packed schedule and are struggling to make an appointment work, we can take our vans and spray for each other. It helps all of us.”

This teamwork has allowed the brand to grow in Atlanta with high regard, which has only magnified Mosquito Hunters’ presence. Each franchisee can anticipate sustained growth with this increased demand, and the future outlook in Atlanta is tailored for this partnership to develop even further.

The total investment necessary to open a Mosquito Hunters franchise ranges from $73,937 to $96,437. The franchise license fee ranges from $60,000 and $70,000. For more information on franchising opportunities with Mosquito Hunters, visit

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