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New Orleans Scientist-Turned-Mosquito Hunters Franchisee Jim Guenther Aims To Improve Quality of Life for Customers and Pets

The biochemist is thrilled to bring the franchise to central New Orleans.

Opening a mosquito-eliminating franchise may not seem like a typical career choice for a biochemist with a Ph.D., but for Dr. Jim Guenther, the move was actually quite natural.

It all started when Guenther, who moved around the world of scientific academia for years, decided he wanted a change. He put his resume online and was contacted by a career transition coach who gave him the idea to franchise. Since Guenther did not have a more traditional business background, the franchise route made sense for him.

“I looked into several different franchises and liked Mosquito Hunters because I liked the idea of being able to learn the physiology of mosquitoes and the products the brand uses and how they work,” Guenther said. “I thought it was interesting and I wanted to gain that background. I also liked the scalability and the brand’s tie to science.”

He opened his Mosquito Hunters New Orleans-based franchise in the spring. What really sold Guenther on the brand was the franchisee validation process and his conversations with other franchise owners.

“I knew right then and there that I was making a good choice,” he said. “The franchisees I spoke with understood the business in and out and were on board with it. They knew what they were doing and what they had bought. I don’t have the business background and I’m not a business-savvy person. I saw every one of them had years and years in human resources or they’d been entrepreneurs. They went through all of the numbers with me and knew the business backwards and forwards. They would not have purchased this franchise if it had been a bad call.”

 What also sold Guenther on Mosquito Hunters was the brand’s personable approach and marketing tactics.

“I sat in on marketing meetings and the marketing we do and the true, personal interactions we have with customers are what make the business succeed,” he said. “The more I thought about it the more I really liked the idea.” 

Of course, there was the service itself, which opened Guenther’s eyes to a whole new world of outdoor enjoyment possibilities. As a New Orleans local, Guenther couldn’t imagine that anyone would actually pay money to get rid of mosquitoes. He figured that mosquitoes were just pests from which it was impossible to escape. After having conversations with the Mosquito Hunters corporate team, including Founder and Chief Hunter Andy Fuller, his eyes were opened to a better way of life.

“Once you realize you don’t have to deal with mosquitoes, this kind of business will change the way you live your life,” he said. “It made me realize that this was something people would actually pay for. We suffer so much with mosquitoes in New Orleans and so it kind of hit home there.”

Thanks to previous academic positions that required reaching out to possible industry partners, Guenther already has extensive networking experience in his community and region. For one, he is the director of the local chapter for Startup Grind, an entrepreneur-networking organization that partners with Google for Startups. He has also worked with the Chamber of Commerce for New Orleans and nearby Jefferson. He is ready to dive even further into his community.

“I do a ton of networking and those true interactions are really important,” he said. “Networking opens more doors for you than you ever thought.”

Franchising with Mosquito Hunters will also give Guenther a chance to help out with a cause near and dear to his heart: enhancing the life of pets. His community involvement includes working with the Louisiana chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for kids and pet animals, because they don’t have the ability to make their own decisions,” Guenther said. “I knew a decent bit about heartworm for pets but I didn’t know the whole story behind it. What I learned is that the only way your pets get heartworm is through mosquito bites. When I realized I could make a difference for pets, that solidified this kind of work for me.” 

Guenther’s future with the brand is certainly looking bright. He is already considering expanding his franchise reach, both in New Orleans and in nearby Baton Rouge.

And yes, he knows he practically shares a name with the Mosquito Hunters mustachioed mascot, Gunther the Hunter. 

“It wasn’t until a couple of conversations in that it came up and I remember just kind of chuckling about it and thinking there must be some kind of karma or something for it to line up in this way,” Guenther said. “Maybe this was that little push to do something different.”

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