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The Top 5 Reasons a Mosquito Hunters Franchise Makes Business Sense in 2019

We learn the origins of the fast-growing outdoor home services concept Mosquito Hunters.

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
SPONSORED 9:09AM 03/15/19

Andy Fuller hit his breaking point in his corporate career one day when his boss stole one too many of his ideas.  

“He would regularly dismiss my ideas to my face, then turn around and present them to the rest of the company as his ideas,” Fuller says. “I was used to getting mad about it, but just sort of put up with it. That one day felt different. Rather than being mad, I felt genuinely sad. The thought hit me, ‘Am I going to have to play along with this junk for the next 30…40…50 years of my life?’”

Enough was enough. That day, Fuller decided he needed to find a way to stop working for a boss and start his own business. He spent weeks looking for the right business idea, but figuring out exactly what he wanted in a business ownership opportunity wasn’t so easy. Explains Fuller, “I was making a lot of lists and doing a lot of late-night Google searches, but couldn’t make up my mind.” That changed one weekend when the Spielberg classic Jurassic Park came on TV.

“In case you’re the one person left in America who hasn’t seen Jurassic Park,” Fuller said with a smile, “The plot of the movie is that they find an ancient mosquito trapped in a piece of amber and pull dinosaur blood out of the mosquito to clone dinosaurs and open an amusement park filled with dinosaurs,” Fuller explains. “Great movie. It’s science fiction, of course, but it clicked with me at that moment that mosquitoes were, in fact, causing problems for dinosaurs and they’re still really annoying today. To this day, it’s hard for me to comprehend just how long ago the dinosaurs were actually on Earth, but that was just another day for mosquitoes. It stands to reason that if mosquitoes were causing problems long before humans were here and they’re causing problems now, then they’ll probably still be causing problems long after I’m gone.”

Every sustainable business solves a problem, Fuller emphasized, and mosquitoes were about as consistent as a problem could get. He pursued the idea of a mosquito control business, which eventually manifested as Mosquito Hunters.

After spending time developing its franchise system into the optimal opportunity for budding entrepreneurs with a willingness to work hard and a desire to give back to their communities, Mosquito Hunters is a business concept that is now growing fast across the country.

Here are the top five reasons why Andy Fuller chose to get into the mosquito control business.

1. Consistently High Profit Margins

When Fuller was considering what he wanted in a business, consistently high profit margins were at the top of the list. This ended up being a great qualifier, he explains, because it ruled out quick-service restaurant concepts, retail businesses and product businesses right away.

As he carried out his research, the companies that delivered on consistently high margins were overwhelmingly in the home services industry. By weaving high profit margins into the fabric of Mosquito Hunters, Fuller’s business model gives Mosquito Hunters franchise owners that opportunity, as well.

2. Recurring Revenue Stream

“I was familiar with the world of home services since I paid for college by painting houses,” Fuller explains. “The problem with painting and a lot of other home services, though, is that if I did a good job, my customers wouldn’t need me again for another ten years.”

As a vendor, Fuller wanted to avoid reinventing his customer base year in and year out, so he set out to build a business with a client base that kept coming back. This one stipulation eliminated a lot of home services as his search for the ideal niche continued. One of the reasons he arrived at mosquito control was because mosquitoes come back year after year and during the year, treatments need to be performed every few weeks.  

Says Fuller, “The question isn’t ‘Will there be mosquitoes next year?’ The question is, ‘How do I make sure my customers this year want me to help them solve this same problem again next year?’”

3. Growing Industry

Fuller knew he wanted to enter an emerging industry rather than a mature one. “To me, mature industries meant cutthroat businesses with limited growth opportunities and only being able to sell services on price,” Fuller says.

Of course, another reason Fuller chose mosquito control was because mosquito control is in an emerging space. As a result of the absence of a commanding national player, Mosquito Hunters has been able to grow in conjunction with the industry, which only benefits its market share.

“[Mosquito control is] a coast-to-coast issue and there is real need and real demand,” adds Ronald Ens, Franchise Development Manager for Mosquito Hunters. “This is a fragmented space and an industry in its infancy stages. The untapped market means that franchisees get an opportunity to grab market share rapidly.”

4. Low Cost of Entry

“When I got started, I didn't have much money to work with at all, so I needed that money to go a long way,” Fuller says.

Keeping the business affordable to operate, yet with the potential to yield high returns, continues to make Mosquito Hunters stand out as a business concept. As the franchise offering has evolved, the consistently low cost of entry makes the opportunity a viable one for a greater number of hard-working entrepreneurs.

“Most people are looking for a low investment — something in the $75,000 to $100,000 range,” says Eric Martin, Mosquito Hunters’ VP of Development. “They want something with a flexible operating model so that they can delegate certain parts of the business and not be swamped with work. They often want something they can run with their family or a business partner so they don’t have to hire a massive team of people. That’s Mosquito Hunters.”

5. Simplicity of the Business Model

“There are plenty of things happening in everyone’s lives,” Fuller says, “Mine included. I wanted to be able to run a business and maintain everything else my life required of me. This meant I needed a simple model that could be executed cleanly, freeing up time for myself while still maintaining profitability.”

As a mobile-based, appointment-driven business, Mosquito Hunters delivers a manageable yet meaningful business opportunity to its franchisees, allowing them to take some of their time back while still being in business for themselves.

“A lot of people are looking to work out of their home rather than build or buy a store or office,” Martin says. “Because of Amazon, people can see which way the winds are blowing; they know they don’t want to be in retail. They are looking at the service industry. Simplicity, convenience and efficiency are built into the Mosquito Hunters model, making it the ideal investment for entrepreneurs seeking to maintain a work-life balance while also impacting their community for the better.”

The current initial investment for a Mosquito Hunters franchise is $69,949 to $82,209, with a franchise fee of $35,000. Learn more about franchising with Mosquito Hunters at


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