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Utah Mosquito Hunters Franchise Sees Big Growth with Commercial Strategy

Howes was up against some tough competition in his first year of franchising. After finding a corporate audience that would benefit from the multiple service lines, his business took off.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 04/16/24

Richard Howes, alongside his wife, Hilary, have been franchisees with Mosquito Hunters for three years. The husband-and-wife team had been considering venturing into franchising for a while, but when they built a new home in Kaysville, Utah, and found their property infested with mosquitoes, their entrepreneurial aspirations were put into action.

“We broke ground in January and by May, the mosquitos were insane. They were the size of Chevy trucks,” said Howes. “We came across Mosquito Hunters and we liked the platform and everything about it.”

Although he knew this brand offered many services the community would benefit from, he faced some fierce competition in his territory. His solution? Focus on a target audience that his competitors overlooked. Howes devised a strategic approach focusing on a niche market — corporate accounts and, more specifically, homeowners associations (HOAs).

I started reading up on some of the HOAs in the area. I realized that they did perimeter pest control and they included that in their monthly dues for residents,” he said.

By aligning with these associations and leveraging their existing pest control needs, he carved out a niche for Mosquito Hunters, solidifying its position in the community.

"It was a process, but I finally got my foot in the door and I was able to show everybody how good Mosquito Hunters really is," he remarked.

Their franchise quickly became a trusted name in Davis County, Utah, offering a range of services from perimeter pest control to rodent control. The franchise's offering of multiple service lines further fueled its growth. Howes’ Mosquito Hunters franchise is a well-known and reliable name in his community and it’s no surprise that the loyal customers he finds through one service come to him for several others. 

“It's a one-stop shop. People know they’ll get the best service from us and that our techs are very knowledgeable,” explained Howes. “They treat their customers like they should be treated. Customers see that and think they just might as well bundle all the services they need and get them from us.”

He has experienced impressive growth over the past three years, with customers returning to the brand they trust for all of their pest control needs. Howes envisions continued growth in the HOA and commercial warehousing sectors, with increasing customer loyalty all the while.

When faced with hurdles, Howes built solutions to clear them; through finding an untapped target audience and building their trust, he was able to make a name for himself and his brand in the community. Howes was able to leverage the trust he built with his customer base to rapidly expand by offering multiple service lines. With a solid foundation and a keen eye for opportunity, Howes and his Mosquito Hunters franchise are poised for continued success in Utah's competitive market.

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