Why Mosquito Hunters is a ‘Dream Business’ for Franchise Prospects
Why Mosquito Hunters is a ‘Dream Business’ for Franchise Prospects

The mosquito, flea and tick control franchise offers a uniquely appealing model for aspiring business owners.

With thousands of franchise concepts available for entrepreneurs to choose from, not all brands are created equally. With benefits like low overhead, a moderate initial investment, recurring revenue and a streamlined operations model, emerging franchise concept Mosquito Hunters is setting itself up for serious growth in the coming years.

“A lot of candidates see this as a dream business,” said Eric Martin, Mosquito Hunters’ VP of development. Rather than list off Mosquito Hunters’ advantages to prospective franchisees, Martin says he asks them to “paint me a picture of your ideal business,” then shows them how Mosquito Hunters checks off each box on their list.

“Most people are looking for a low investment — something in the $75,000–$100,000 range,” Martin said. “They want something with a flexible operating model so that they can delegate certain parts of the business and not be swamped with work. They often want something they can run with their family or a business partner so they don’t have to hire a massive team of people. A lot of people are looking to work out of their home rather than build or buy a store or office. And because of Amazon, people can see which way the winds are blowing, and they know they don’t want to be in retail; they are looking at the service industry. Every single one of those things is built into the Mosquito Hunters model.”

Mosquito Hunters offers treatment services that protect against mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Most applications are completed in twenty to thirty minutes, with minimal equipment. It’s a service that Martin says benefits from both simplicity and consistency.

“Our servicing doesn’t require skilled labor or a special knowledge of grass or soil types,” Martin said. “And it’s something that anyone with a residential or commercial property can benefit from. The work is consistent and it offers a recurring revenue model, which is a huge perk in any business.”

Mosquito Hunters was founded in 2014 by Andy Fuller, who was looking to provide families and businesses in the Chicago area with an eco-friendly and responsible mosquito, flea and tick solution. With a focus on bringing the company’s services to communities across the U.S., Fuller recently joined forces with the established 600-unit plus lawn-care franchise Lawn Doctor. The partnership allows new Mosquito Hunters franchisees to enjoy all the benefits of an established franchise system with a robust support model while also getting in on the ground floor of a brand that is well positioned for expansive growth.

“We’re able to do a lot of things to take work off the plates of our franchisees, and we can do that because we have the existing infrastructure of Lawn Doctor,” said Lawn Doctor and Mosquito Hunters Chairman Scott Frith. “We are leveraging that system and all of its knowledge and resources to support our new brand. It’s like a startup on steroids. We get to skip right through all the growing pains and challenges of starting a new business. We know home services inside and out. We know the customers, the habits, the trends, the marketing — it’s all built into the model.”

Fuller admits that most entrepreneurs aren’t likely to have a personal passion for mosquito treatments, but as a business and an investment, he says Mosquito Hunters is hard to beat.

“I got into this business because I was looking for an opportunity with consistently high profit margins, recurring revenue, operation simplicity, a low cost investment, and an industry that wasn’t overly mature and has room to grow,” Fuller said. “We are doing something fun and providing value to the community, we are letting families enjoy time outside together.”

Fuller says Mosquito Hunters is a marketing and data analytics company that happens to be in the space of controlling mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Mosquito Hunters provides a solution for families who want to enjoy their outdoor areas. With an already strong marketing strategy, Fuller is now tapping into Lawn Doctor’s expert team of selling home services.

“We intend to out market competition and utilize our many years of selling home services experience along with the fun and engaging Mosquito Hunters brand to draw customers in,” Martin said. “Most franchise owners are not marketing experts, so we want to take on that heavy lifting for them and make the phone ring. Mosquito Hunters franchisees will be able to tap into data driven decisions managed at the corporate level and focus on outstanding customer service at the unit level to grow the business.”

As Mosquito Hunters begins vetting franchisee candidates for new territories, Martin says the brand is looking for entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and is offering a number of incentives to attract the best talent.

“We have discounts for veterans, minorities and first responders, and we’re offering deferred-payment financing for qualified candidates,” Martin said. “What’s important to us is that we find driven and passionate owners to help us introduce the brand to new markets. This is an amazing opportunity, and we’re looking to partner with equally amazing owners.”

Mosquito Hunters is looking to add 30 to 40 new partners over the next year, seeking to aggressively expand across the entire country, with an initial focus on the Southeast, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. 

To purchase a Mosquito Hunters franchise, the total initial investment ranges from $69,949 to $82,209.[1] To learn more about franchising opportunities, visit www.MosquitoHuntersFranchise.com.

[1] See Franchise Disclosure Document for all details regarding estimated initial investment requirements.

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