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Why Mosquito Hunters Offers Soft Opening Strategies for Franchisees

The home services franchise now offers franchisees the opportunity to “Soft Roll Out” or “Sign and Secure” their businesses to set them up for an explosive spring season.

By Emily ClouseStaff Writer
SPONSORED 9:09AM 04/24/19

Launching a new franchise business requires a lot of time and attention. For franchisees entering a new stage in life—whether that’s shifting careers or moving to a new state—Mosquito Hunters offers innovative rollout strategies to help smooth the transition into full-time franchise ownership.

As of this year, Mosquito Hunters now offers two different strategies depending on a franchisee’s needs: Soft Roll Out and Sign and Secure.

Soft Roll Out (SRO)

Mosquito Hunters offers a Soft Roll Out for franchisees who sign on between May and August. Because summer is peak mosquito hunting season, an owner who signs during this period wouldn’t have time to get up and running fast enough to capture full season customers. Instead, they can train in the summer and potentially attract late-season customers. With company guidance, they can also clock several months of preparation through running crucial “ground game” activities—networking and marketing at the local level in preparation for a successful Spring.

Mosquito Hunters’ Soft Roll Out strategy allows new franchisees to maintain their day jobs while running ground game part-time to establish their brands. Franchisees who opt for the Soft Roll Out must attend training in July or August and receive up to a nine-month deferral on their financing note with the company. Franchisees receive best in class corporate-led marketing support that includes targeted promotions, social media ads and SEO strategy as the full season begins the following Spring.

“Through Soft Roll Outs, franchisees can start building the foundation of their businesses without having to scramble for it,” explained Ron Ens, Mosquito Hunters’ Franchise Development Manager. “Their website is built, they get their van, they attend networking events, they can start generating leads and even start servicing accounts. But the bulk of their allotted marketing funds are not spent until the next spring.”

Soft Roll Out franchisees are responsible upfront for the franchise license fee, costs of their Mosquito Hunters branded van and vehicular insurance, website development fees, software costs and coverage for ground game activities. “A new owner should not expect a ton of customers or revenue during a Soft Roll Out,” explained Ens. “If they start generating some revenue, that’s great, but those initial months are set aside for working the ground game locally—which sets them up for an explosive Spring season.”

Sign and Secure (SAS)

For Mosquito Hunters franchisees who are not ready to launch mid-season, but are ready to reserve a territory, the Sign and Secure option affords both job security and flexibility. Because Mosquito Hunters territories can move quickly, this is a great option for certain buyers.

“We have a family in Colorado right now that wants to move back to Anchorage, Alaska, where they’re originally from,” said Ens. “They saw the Sign and Secure as an opportunity to secure their business ahead of next year’s move. They’ve licensed the territory, and are set to open next Spring.”

To hold the territory, Sign and Secure includes payment of the $35,000 franchise fee, which Mosquito Hunters reduces to $25,000 for military veterans, first responders and minorities. For entrepreneurs considering a move and comparing their options between several cities, Mosquito Hunters can check and communicate territory availability. Once a franchisee decides where they’ll call home, Sign and Secure takes the burden of job hunting out of the equation.

Ens says that while no other pest control companies have soft opening strategies that compare to Mosquito Hunters, these two options are already proving to be successful and attracting owners to sign on, start building their businesses and lay the foundation for a successful spring next year.

“We had a couple of people who are going to a Discovery Day later this week that are interested in a Soft Roll Out. It’s resonating,” said Ens. “We anticipate that after this week’s Discovery Day, we’ll have six Soft Roll Outs, and we already have two Sign and Secures.”

The current initial investment for a Mosquito Hunters franchise is $69,949 to $82,209, with a franchise fee of $35,000. Learn more about franchising with Mosquito Hunters at


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