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Nashville P.volve Members Make the Jump from Loyal Fans to the Brand’s First Franchise Owners

Cynthia and Ben Hannah are transforming their passion for P.volve’s revolutionary workout program into the brand’s first physical franchise location in the Music City.

By Kerrie Kennedy1851 Franchise Staff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:21PM 09/09/21

When P.volve franchisees Ben and Cynthia Hannah were initially looking for franchise opportunities, they couldn’t find anything they were passionate about. “It was frustrating,” said Ben. “We reviewed a lot of brands, but nothing stood out to us. And then one day, Cynthia said, ‘I really wish P.volve would franchise, because they’re so amazing.’ I told her to check their website and a few minutes later, we found out that they had just opened up franchising.”

For this fitness-centric Nashville-based couple, it was serendipity. “I love P.volve and I really believe in their method,” said Cynthia, who, like her husband, exercises daily. “I found out about P.volve through another trainer. I’ve done a lot of workouts, but P.volve has a very different approach that makes it compatible with my ballet training as well.”

Rooted in dynamic and functional movement, the fan-favorite fitness brand recently opened its mind-to-muscle model to new franchise partners as it looks to grow in major markets across the country — and Nashville will be its first franchise location. 

Set to open in spring of 2022, the Hannahs think Nashville will be a perfect demographic match for the P.volve brand.

With a growth rate of 20.9% from 2010 to 2020, the Nashville area is now the 36th-largest metropolitan area in the country, boasting nearly two million residents. With a median age of 34.2 years old, Nashville residents fall squarely within the age group most likely to exercise. Boasting an average income of $92,485.88, they can also afford to pay for it.

Opening a P.volve location in Nashville clearly made sense to the Hannahs from a business perspective, but it also made sense from a marketing perspective.

“There are so many big names affiliated with the brand right now, including Christie Brinkley and Venus Willians,” said Cynthia. “Christie was just in the Hamptons for the kickoff. There’s a lot of buzz around the brand right now, but they only allow celebrities and influencers to get involved if they actually believe in the workout and are passionate about it. P.volve has a lot of integrity.”

Founded in 2017 in New York by Rachel Katzman, who had struggled with scoliosis, weight gain and subsequent loss of confidence after moving to the city, the workout evolved from private training sessions Katzman did with NYC trainer Stephen Pastorino. Learning to work with her body’s natural movements instead of against them, Katzman noticed she was not only getting relief from her scoliosis symptoms, she was getting the body she had always dreamed of. 

Armed with a mission to help people get to know their bodies better than they ever have before, Katzman launched P.volve a year later, opening a small studio in Chinatown while building an online presence. Nashville will be the 4th location for the brand, which currently has corporate owned locations in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. 

P.volve’s method is similar to Pilates in the sense that it’s low-impact but high-burn, and by mastering precise, deliberate movements that target hard-to-reach muscles, P.volve clients are able to build the mind-body connection needed to see consistent, long-term and sustainable results. In the process, their joints will be more flexible, their muscles more engaged and their bodies more energized.

“It’s available to any person, whether you’re someone who’s never worked out or a fitness enthusiast,” said Ben. “It's for everyone.”

According to Cynthia, the workout has a magical effect on posture. “Your whole gait and carriage changes,” she said. “It also really lifts and perks up your butt. But those are secondary rewards. The primary rewards come from having more flexibility, increased strength and more energy.”

Bridging the fitness and health care space, P.volve has revolutionized the vanity-driven fitness industry with a holistic approach and a special focus on improving women’s health. 

With the backing of its Clinical Advisory Board, including a doctor who specializes in pelvic floor health, the women-owned and run brand recently launched Phase and Function, a cycle-syncing program that recommends workouts, recipes and mindset shifts depending on the phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle. 

The brand offers franchisees like the Hannahs multiple revenue streams through a variety of membership options, including unlimited memberships, class packs, hybrid memberships and digital memberships, as well as in-studio equipment and retail sales. The combination of proprietary methods and patented equipment provides real fitness and health solutions that other brands can’t match.

At a time when there’s still uncertainty surrounding the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hannahs also like the fact that they have access to P.volve’s huge library of high-quality streaming content as well as its digital platform.

“We can offer virtual classes and outdoor classes,” Ben said."It's not like most of the other fitness studios — you can actually do this workout in a mask. It's very flexible.”

As the couple ramps up to prepare for a spring opening, they have plenty of work ahead, but no regrets. “Neither of us knew a thing about franchising, but the P.volve team has helped us understand the business model and the real estate piece,” Ben said. “They’re a fantastic group of people — we feel like they’re family already.”

According to Jill Brand, senior director of brand, community and integrated marketing for P.volve, the feeling is mutual. “We couldn’t have found better franchise partners and brand ambassadors than Cynthia and Ben,” she said. “They have a passion for P.volve that really shines. We can’t wait for opening day in Nashville.”

Total investment ranges from $414,950 to $707,000. For more information on franchising with P.volve, visit