Nation’s Restaurant News: Election-Related Restaurant Promotions Heat Up
Nation’s Restaurant News: Election-Related Restaurant Promotions Heat Up

Restaurants across the country are tapping into the presidential election for promotions.

With the first presidential debate behind us and Election Day around the corner, restaurants and food retail chains are hoping to catch the attention of hungry consumers according to a recent Nation’s Restaurant News article.

7-Eleven offered their freshly brewed coffee in cups fashioned for Democrats, Republicans and even one or non-partisan voters that says, “Speak Up” the day after the first debate. The company is hoping to predict the election and promote voting and democracy.

Chicago deep-dish pizza chain Giordano’s Pizza is offering their signature pies with one of the presidential candidates’ faces stenciled on in parmesan cheese. On the day after each debate, customers can choose which pizza they would like to vote for and order.

Del Frisco’s Grille is putting two burgers head to head in their “vote on taste.” A burger with a double well-done patty with aged cheddar, bibb lettuce and an heirloom tomato is called “The Donald,” and to find out exactly what is in “The Hillary” burger, customers at Del Frisco will have to email private server at [email protected]

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