Nation's Restaurant News: Hardee’s steps out of Carl’s Jr.’s shadow
Nation's Restaurant News: Hardee’s steps out of Carl’s Jr.’s shadow

The burger franchise is differentiating itself from its sister brand by highlighting it's authenticity.

The parent company of Hardee's and Carl's Jr., CKE Restaurant Holdings, decided it was time for Hardee's to have a moment to shine in a new campaign launched to highlight the brand's authenticity. Nation's Restaurant News noted that in the past the burger franchise combined the two brands but is making an effort to give Hardee's the spotlight in the campaign with the tagline "Tastes like America".

“As we went through and looked at the business and the brand, it became obvious they were very separate,” said Jason Marker, CEO of CKE Restaurant Holdings Inc. “They needed their separate identities, and in my opinion, any efficiencies or anything else that was gained by communicating them together was significantly outweighed by the advantages of being totally true to what these brands stand for.”

The new campaign features "real people, real moments and real food" and is accompanied by a commercial voiced by Big Wet, a country rap artist. The campaign has a distinctly different vibe from previous ads which featured bikini-clad models eating burgers. 

The campaign will also come with a restaurant redesign to highlight the brand's authenticity. 

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